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  1. Greetings When trying to host my Mod in LAN, the Host CTD instantly without an error message as soon someone wants to join. Playing the mod offline with bots works fine, no problems at all. I`ve read about the same CTD problem when the CD-key isn`t in the registry, but it is. Vanilla BF 2/SF works fine too in LAN. Already searched the internet for a solution, no luck so far. Hope someone here can help me plz.
  2. EDIT: plz delete, posted in the wrong section
  3. Ok i added this in the /soldiers/common/common.con rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to fire weapon after going prone... Vars.Set fire-delay-after-prone 0.7 didn`t work, can some1 explain me what i did wrong plz ?
  4. Just wanna have the Sniper Kit limited in the Class Selection Menu. And my Coding capabilities are beyond shit I have no clue how to do that, that`s why i asked here.
  5. Hey Guys Can someone plz tell me how to make limited kits, fe Sniper ? And when i go from prone to crouch/stand position, the weapon will be lowered for a few seconds, how do i make this when i go prone?
  6. What i would like to see in BF3 ? That Novalogic developed it, not f*cking EA
  7. Is there a way to reactivate the Commander AI in 1.5 or in a Mod ???
  8. Ahhhhh thx man....Stupid itemIndex , pissed me off yesterday, solved it now by copy/renaming the "hgr_smoke" folder into "hgr_smoke8", changed itemIndex to 8. now i can choose between a smoke nade at 5 or 8 ! Tried it a few minutes ago, it works....at the moment
  9. Cool i could need this prog, but filefront says "download not available"
  10. Hi all Working on a small Mod, just 4 fun, but i`ve an annoying crash while loading a map. Tried to replace the Frag Grenade (ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USHGR_M67) with Smoke Grenade (ObjectTemplate.addTemplate hgr_smoke) in the Medic Kit. But this causes a crash while loading a map at 15% (Objects). Same thing happens if i replace a weapon with another one. What am i doing wrong ?? I did this about 1 year ago with another mod (before my PC crashed), and i didn`t had this Prob. Working with BF2 1.5 and BF2 Editor 1.3. I do everything with Wordpad, since this is the easiest way to change the .tweak and .con files for me. What i changed in my Mod: -changed the weapon stats (dmg, rof etc) = no Probs -added SF/EF/AF weapons and maps = no Probs -deleted the Unlock entries in the Kit.con files = no Probs -changing Equip in the Kit.con files = Epic Fail Plz help Edit: Oh yeah, Debugger doesn`t work, something with "VTuneApi.dll" error shows up
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