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  1. Dear Frankelstner, thanks for the reply. But actually I want to limit incoming players IP address - only allow four players with same IP address to join. Example if more than 4 player trying to join in to my server from same IP, then ban that IP with command "host.rcon_invoke('admin.addAddressToBanList ' + str(player.getAddress())) # kick! ". It's against fake players DDos attack.
  2. Wondering, how detect with Python, if more when one Player connecting to server with same IP?
  3. player.setName(player.getName() + ' STRING_YOU_WANT_TO_ADD')

  4. Thank you so much for this Frankelstner, - I got it worked
  5. Hi, can someone, who have Python practice help me done this script? I want temporary disable Friendly fire on map start first 10 sec, after 10 sec turn it again. Here code what i try: import bf2 import host from time import time from bf2 import g_debug map_start = 0 # Init. Registers the necessary handlers def init(): host.registerGameStatusHandler(onGameStatusChanged) print "FriendlyFire OFF script." def onChangeGameStatus(status): global map_start if status == bf2.GameStatus.Playing: map_start = time() if ((map_start < 10) and (bf2.gameLogic.getMapName() == "wake_island_2007") ): host.rcon_invoke('sv.soldierFriendlyFire 0')
  6. unknown


    Never mind..
  7. Hi, I am trying to fix the Name Hack glitch in v1.41 version, when hacker join into server with same name as someone is already playing all players getting crash back to desktop. I check your code it works, but "kick" method does not help that it has small delay and not protecting. So here are my two questions: 1) How I can faster abort, disconnect player connection (peer) without Kick/or Ban method? 2) Is there is possible add random strings on the name hacker name, example: if real player is "John", and name hacker join to server with same fake name show him like "John8945as" ?
  8. Hi im writing my own script that kicks player on connect who trying to join server with same name as someone is already playing. I try this code but seems does not working and not kicking when two players with same name join to server, so what is wrong? Thank you who can help me. def onPlayerConnect(player): if player.getName() == bf2.playerManager.getPlayers(): host.rcon_invoke("admin.banPlayerKey " + str(player.index) + " Round")
  9. Is there possible to reduce Shock Paddles reload time via tweaking? Or something else, Thanks.
  10. I didn't change the client files, but now I understand it. Another question how is called UAV trailer vehicle ant where is location in Objects.zip?
  11. want to change default setting for WASP defender weapon, so it will have stronger armor to stand against airplanes attacking newly spawned players. Tweak file: Weapons/Stationary/Wasp_defence_back/wasp_defence_back.tweak in bf2/mods/bf2/objects_server.zip Strings: ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 1000 ObjectTemplate.armor.HitPoints 1000 Problem is that when I'm changing 1000 to 5000 for example, and connecting to the server, it crashes to desktop instantly after spawn (when the WASP defender must build up). What do I do wrong?
  12. Thank you for your time I got it fixed.
  13. Dear how to remove GP-30 grandader launcher or replace with other gun? example AK-101 gun?? That's for Infantry server
  14. Hi, I still trying modd Black Hawk chopper guns, but after I change damage values and sit in Heli my game crash and drops me back to desktop, so what is wrong?
  15. Ok modders tell me that where to reduce Soldier body damage to enemy hard kill you?
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