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  1. I've searched for thousands of tuts, to no avail, now i would like to know how i can simply make 3p anims with the default 3p .ske. I've tried before but it always ends up as a major **** up... any help??
  2. Do you guys need an animator? I'd be happy to. Default bf2 anims look horrible. I can help you make the snipers feel more like snipers!
  3. It started suddenly, i use the .con import method so no need for channel stuff (right??), made a basic box to no avail, guns are not high poly as they're vbf2, I fixed texture paths, none of them work!! Please help, I'm desperate!
  4. most complaining of bf3 i've seen is that it looks like CoD... People open your eyes

  5. yeah same thing happening to me too, gives no game-related messages at all, just ''bf2142.exe stopped working''
  6. ok thanks for that, oh, that reminds me, how to remove kill messages?
  7. As the name says, what are the codes to remove the bullet bar and life bar?
  8. bf3 probably wont have mod tools because the frostbite engine is sooooo big! Saving a new effect would probably take an hour...
  9. you'd better search for a tutorial, you should because i'm 99,9% sure one is in there...
  10. Ok, you can contact JONES on Xfire or contact him here, same's for Spyker2041. Sorry for raging, I was in a sh*t mood.
  11. As the title says, i would like to know how to make new lighting and/or shader effects. Aaaannnddd. I think this topic is in the wrong category...
  12. As you may know, i'm the dev of the Soldiers Of Fortune mod, and as you also know, the M4 and M16 are a bunch of badly modelled pieces of sh*t, they have no Ris Rails , a very badly modelled Gas Operator which has no interaction at all. If you are a modeller and you come by this thread, please take a careful look at it and think again, before you continue! Thanks Oh, and my other thread on the recruiting forums can be removed!
  13. My mod has a shitload of weapons in it (~100 guns), and they can not all be put in the standard kits in the game, well maybe they can, but it would cluster f*ck my mod up, So i would like to have unlocks back in my mod, e.g my mod has M4/M203 and M16A4/M203, i want to have unlocks so that players can choose, and I would wanna know how to have all unlocks as soon as you start a map, and I would also like to have them online! And plz, don't come with FFolkes123 or FFolkes678 or 6049923 or whatever, i want to choose the guns in the spwans screen, not have 5 guns in one kit, i might want to use batches but let them be useful and not broken. thanks!
  14. you could ask kysterama for his AIX XM8 and then get some modellers to make variants...
  15. I wonder if it is possible to make prone animations, such as: 1p_m4_toprone 1p_m4_prone_fire 1p_m4_prone_lie 1p_m4_prone_move Does this need animationsystem.inc coding or is it not even possible at all? EDIT: oh and i'd also like to know if there is a code so that the player can't fire when he's crawling, like: ObjectTemplate.(stuffz).disablewhencrawling 0
  16. words from a noob, can't you add the bot behaviour codes to the gun, so that the gun acts like a bot and shoots automatically, more i dont know...
  17. Hello everyone, since I have no computer to work on my mod, i though i'd post a small tutorial concerning some of the basic stuff in the .tweak files of the bf2 guns, this tutorial is meant for people who don't know what a certain code/line means: Well let's get started: Name of the gun: ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericFireArm - This line means the name of the gun files, if this name is different than the gun folder, things get messy... This concers crosshairs and other hitmarkers: ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.guiIndex - This is the GuiIndex, this is what you see when you fire your gun from the hip, 0 is nothing, no crosshair, no hitmarker, 52 is the default crosshair. ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altGuiIndex - This is meant for zooming in, 53 is the default M4 red dot. Fire Type: ObjectTemplate.fire.addFireRate - The type of fire, 0 is semi-automatic, 1 is 3-round burst, and 2 is full-auto, 3 is crash!! Zoom: ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomDelay - The time it takes until you can fire after you clicked the zoom button, please note, changing this to like 0.2 doesn't have any effect on the length of the zoom in, that lies in the animationsystem.inc! ObjectTemplate.zoom.addZoomFactor 0 ObjectTemplate.zoom.addZoomFactor 0.8 - This specifies how much the screen zoomes in, 2nd line should be there, removing this line removes your ability to ADS. AI ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate - Specifies which weapon.ai the gun uses. Gun kit codes: ObjectTemplate.itemIndex 3 - Specifies where the gun is placed in the kit, default Itemindex for usrif_m4 or rurif_ak47 is 3, uspis_92fs is 2, knife is 1, etc. ObjectTemplate.delayToUse - Specifies the amount of TIME it takes until you can use the gun after you deployed it. Projectile codes: ObjectTemplate.tracerTemplate p_tracer_r - the type of tracer the gun uses. ObjectTemplate.tracerInterval - If this is set to like 2, the gun fires every 2 shots, and so on. ObjectTemplate.minDamage - The minimum amount of damage a gun can make ObjectTemplate.damage - the maximum amount of damage a gun can make ObjectTemplate.damageMandownSoldiers - Specifies if a dead body can be shot or not, 0 is no, 1 is yes that's it
  18. You might have screwed up the guns mesh or you chose the wrong mesh to animate with, if only I had a penny for everytime that happened... you need to select the parts under geom0/lod0, you probably chose geom1/lod0 or so, recheck that...
  19. FIXED GUYS! just some corrupted sounds, thanks for the help!
  20. can't you just take the damage code from the fire anim and set it to the deploy anim, so damage is made as soon as you deploy it?
  21. Maybe some of you know my mod: Soldiers of Fortune. This mod is a weapon-focused mod. So it has lots of weapons in it. Now, all these guns are too much to just put in def. kits and stuff. So pickup kits is something i've been thinking about. I need some codes for this, given that i have absolutely no experience in python coding i have some questions, Now: 1. I want a comrose based request system, like PR. 2. I want it to use at a special weapons depot 3. How to trigger it? thanks in advance!
  22. where do i need to add those lines, e_muzz_kord, or uslmg_m249saw??
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