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  1. When you get two strong market contenders the question always arises well which one is the best and what is it that makes it best? The same concept applies to almost any product and the world of animation software is no different. both have their strong points. 3D Max is a favorite with the architectural and visualization animators, whereas Maya is the one of choice for TV and film industry. 3D Max has great conceptual modeling tools, large-scale environment creation and works well with other Autodesk product lines to name a few of the main features. Maya on the other hand has amazing character rigging, animation layering as well as motion capture handling capabilities that surpass 3d Max. Maya has great advantages over 3D Max regarding Nurbs modeling. This is because the software has taken on a different approach in this area, which means it is easier to utilize. Nurbs are complex surfaces it would be the technique you would use to create a polygon for example. The effects that the animator can get regarding fluid are impressive with Maya. It will allow very realistic simulations of fluid and gas reaction in the real and the ocean shader it has implemented produces astounding quality for water animation. In addition with Maya, you can free hand draw and utilize a 3D paint effects that include some special effects as well done with what is called Paint Effects.
  2. he how-to guide on getting Awesome at Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I myself have wanted to rip my hair out numerous times on occasions such as getting spawn trapped by a group of tanks or killed by a UMP about sixty miles away, (Sniper Range.) I've unlocked the second last gun in every class and you know why this is an advantage? It's not because it makes me more l33t, it's because it means I can adjust to any and every situation. If I'm defending on a map where there is no higher ground with cover and just lots of buildings. I know how annoying it is to get killed by a random grenade or the such, but when you get pissed off and start screaming, you psych yourself out to do worse.Never waste your time getting in Helicopter turrets unless you're obeying my above point. The majority of players on BFBC2 seem unable to comprehend flying a Helicopter well and seem to always (and spontaneously) crash into the nearest hill then wait for the next helicopter like rabid dogs. mscho: Moved to BFBC discussion