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  1. Wrong i already use these setting!!! it alway show up the Win/draw message for 15sec!!! what i want is to find what is or are these files and how can i modif them. But thx good try What im talking about it all related t this: HUD_HUD_WIN_STRING #TEAMNAME# team has won the round! HUD_HUD_DRAW_STRING This round was a draw... i want to find ALL FILES OR THINGS coming with this!
  2. I try to find where this thing is but i dont have any idea about it!! i want to delete or reduce the time of the final message if someone can help e on it please..
  3. i want to know how freeze all vehicle to make it fix. I mean u can drive the car, jet cant move or fly ..... Thx
  4. ok i find whats u talking about! now i have 2 question! First: I have to use it as same way as the object spawner? if not, how Second: I have to find the absolute position on the map or the flag go where im aiming at?
  5. I want add many flags to a control point. I want to know how i can add like 149 flag on a spot. Did i have to add 149 flag+ an absolute position for each or i can add many on the same
  6. im looking for the mod of 1 points 1 rank
  7. I have some question! Can u add me on xfire? deathpenalty666 or send me a pm whatever i need some help! Have a couple of question thx
  8. Sweet i f**** love ya LOL thx a lot my friend u make my day so beautifull haha
  9. I want know whats i have to change for make unlimited (or add more ammo) c4/rocket + add damage to destroy car/asset/bridge faster And i look for change speed of healing,repair and resupply! Thx for help
  10. i search name of spawnpoints in all bf2 available map! I already have karkand but i need all others map. I tryed to find it but i really dont find anything!
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