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  1. Hi there My Name is John im one of the founders of the Stargate 4 BF2/2142 mod and we are in need of help in one main area which is creating 2 new soldiers we need help with the Wraith Warrior and the Wraith Officer Ive looked at this and couldnt get my head around it so i am asking if someone or a few people could help with this they would get full credit on anything they help with. If you would like to help or if you can maybe just give me help on here that would be awesome you can PM me on here or our site which is www.igd-studios.co.uk or you can email me at john.helyar@igd-studios.co.uk There has been alot of mods for stargate for the Battlefield Engine and although a few were released they were never finished we are looking to make this the best version out there we have most of the vehicles done and ingame and working along with weapons and other things so we realy in need of you help Hope to hear from you and thanks in advance for any help you can offer
  2. Hi cheers for getting back to me i will have a look again and see if i can see one or something
  3. Hi there i hope someone can help please i want to be able to import a Soldier and modify it to look like a wraith warrior but as with most things you import a normal BF2 soldier and it mucks up most of the linking can anyone provide either a basic rigged stock soldier that i can play about with or maybe point me in the right direction to figure it out as i would like to get this worked asap as need this for you moddb cheers in advance
  4. see the only way im going to use this is have a basic OS installed on a Hard drive and then Origin installed and have my other drives on hot swap bays so when i want to play i swap my main hard drive out and pull my others they can scan that as much as they want cause they wont find anything Its almost tempting to setup a PC with every port open and get the PC infested with every virus on the planet and just pray that some how they end up getting to the EA server that would be rather funny I just find it hard to believe that a company like this makes a wicked game that could wipe the floor with every other FPS out there and then do all this crap to shot them selfs in the foot talk about letting power go to there heads. I just hope they take s tep back and engage brians and think crap maybe we shouldnt be the biggest assholes on the planet and screw all the paying customers over after if it wasnt for them our company wouldnt be what it is today. But know them they wont and there most likely getting a massive pay check from other companies to use there software to scan PC to see if there running hacked software and then will pass the info on.
  5. Hi there we are in need of a mapper to build stargate based maps for our BF2 mod so can do what ever you want alien type maps and things like that we will be having large scale space maps We have working stargate's we have things such as ring transporters F302 BC304 Goul'd Hataks and other alien ships If you would like to see more then pop in to our site www.stargate4bf2.co.uk Hope to here from you
  6. Hi there do you still have this file as i tried the link and it seems to be dead can u reupload please as this would be very handy for me to use.
  7. cool i will have a go again and see what happens following your advice if i have a problem i will post my code up shud of done that b4 got flu and my brain isnt working right cheers for getting back to me though
  8. please if someone can help with this
  9. Hi there I am trying to add a Copilot seat to one of my Vehicles and i want him to have control a TV Guided Missile I have been looking at the Cobra code as this has this weapon and i Have gone through all the code and removed everything that isnt to do with the TV Guided side i have also added the Cogunner bit to my model so it pretty much matches the Cobra Now when i load up my test map and switch to Seat 2 it auto puts me in to the TV Guided screen although its not drawing the HUD correctly and when i fire the missile i cant control it at all. Now i have gone through the code about 6 times and i am not sure is it cause something else is need for the Cobra that i am not seeing can anyone else give me some advice on this or another craft to look at that is a bit more simplier to go through Cheers for your Help guys
  10. would this be the correct way to do it opps forgot to remove the 01 from the end on geo02 simpleobject And use the BF2Bundlemesh Shader Geom0 and Geom2 as dont need to be seen do as a single small block and hidden inside the mesh
  11. great cheers for the reply and yes my col mesh are very very simple they do the trick but most of them i think are under 300 polys so that shud be a problem, Going back to you Pirate Ship you said you parts are made up of SimpleObjects and to use the same shaders on that as on the main craft (PCO) so what shader did u use on ur main PCO and ur parts are they made up from staticobjects or bundles? i can do all the child objects i am just confused how to get them using the same shader as only have done it as the PCO and then staticobjects to it using the BF2Staticmesh Shader cheers for you help
  12. Just like to say hi from all the SG4BF2 Dev team We are only a team of 4 and as we progress further with the mod we find our selves being stretched quite thin so we have come to the conclusion that we need to take on a few more people. We are looking for Coders (bf2/Python) Modellers (3ds Max/Maya e.t.c) Texture Artist Sound Artist Animator and few Mappers The only requirements we ask of the potential candidates are as follows: 1. You have access to a mic and are able to join us regularly on our development TeamSpeak Server. 2. You will also require the following software: a. BF2 Editor b. 3ds Max or Maya c. Photoshop or equivalent d. BF2 You’re able to put in a fair few hours of work each week. If you would like to be considered as a candidate to join our team then please send us an e-mail detailing what field you wish to work in, and what relevent skills you have and why you think we should consider you as a member of the development team. If possible please supply evidence of any work that you have already done. Contact E-Mail Address: application@stargate4bf2.co.ukThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Hope to hear from you very soon
  13. ok the only reason i was doing it this way was because the polycounts are high i thought this way would help it out alot now if i can do them as seperat models but attach them in the hirechy and it does the same thing i can attach all the parts like rear_sets dash_board and stuff under the geom1 and the inside in like this, is this what u mean cause my ship is the puddlejumper and is made up of alot of parts as there is alot of detail in i think about 6 seperate parts
  14. I allready have the main PCO part ingame and flying around thats done and i can add Child objets to it which i have made as staticobjects so to make the child objects as bundle mesh what do i need to do as i am geting a bit confused now lol I have the parent done and i have staticmesh objects childed to it but if i want to make the child objects so i can use the BF2bunldemesh shader so they all match how do i make the object pls
  15. ok so when i do the model in 3ds max i would have something like this sorry bout the pink working on partners PC at the mo lol did this as quick test this doesnt have col but would this work as a child object or would i remove the geom0 and just have geom1 adn let the code do the rest. sorry to keep bugging u
  16. Ok but i am making the ship in parts to help performance so i have the outer part of the ship as the main PCO with the cockpit in which is Geom0 and i have that all working but what i then did is make the inside as static mesh and child object these to it. now if i do it with a bundlemesh and use that as a child object i wont need geom0 or geom2 i will only need the visable mesh hope this makes sense
  17. Sweet shud make life easier then i know with the POE2 tools for 3DS MAX when u use the wizard it creats extra geom do i need these s with a static object it just has Geom0 i think and then u put the LODS of that is Bundlemeshes the same or do i need to create other Geom's? do we have a example of the hirechy of a simple bundlemesh?
  18. hi there all i did was set it as a rotationbundle and put the pivot on the edge and then in the code i set the pivot position 100 above and then reduced the overall movement to something 0.2 and it gave me this movement with a bit of tweaking its the simple way to do it and it hasnt cause any problems as yet.
  19. Ok i have a question about Shaders in BF2 When making Static Objects you use BF2Staticmesh (Think thats the Right Name) and when you make Bundlemesh, PCO objects you use BF2BundleMesh Now think is can these be crossed over in anyway so say use Staticmesh shader on a bundle or the otherway around the reason i am asking is I have a Vehicle which is fairly large so i have certain child objects on it now the main craft is a PCO so its a Bundlemesh with that shader on it now Geom0 is the cockpit again with Bundlemesh now with the rest of the insides these are made as staticmesh and child object to the craft. My problem is i have to have a nother version of the cockpit as a Child object so you can walk around it when not in control but as one is the Bundlemseh and one is a staticmesh the colors come out different even though there using the same textures. Is there away around this or am i doing this a littlebit wrong or shud i do the Child Objects as bundlemesh instead of Staticmesh. Cheers Guys
  20. BF2 isnt the friendly of systems to use but after playing around things can happen this is my version of using sideways movement that works it has sliding out engine and weapon pods here is a link to my YT video.
  21. Cheers for that i will give that a try i have decided to rebuild the model so cant test it right now once i have done it i will test this out but again thankyou very much will let you know how it goes.
  22. Hi i am hoping you can help i have two hopefully quick question regarding weapons on my craft. 1st question is is there away to make a master arm so u cant fire anything till you have pressed a certain key or can i setup a weapon so u have to trigger 1st then it auto changes to the next weapon so its like a trigger for the master arm. 2nd question i have a rotation bundle whic i have setup which will have the missles mounted on can i mount the dummies on these so when it rotates the dummies rotate with it? would i just add the object in the same part as the rotation Cheers for you help guys.
  23. Same way as you added the front just use the same way underneath you do it again with the middle and the back part you may have to the load the parent object in to the editor and postion the parts correctly so they all line up
  24. Yeah it can be done with triggables but was hoping for a animation as there is a limit of 21 triggables per map i think and if we want to use other things doors and so on we might run out. We have code so we can trigger a animation from Python which is fine we just need to learn how to animate something.
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