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  1. Well, my demo expired, but the final problem I had was converting the merged TGA files into DDS files which the editor (and game) can read. My copy of Paint.NET can do that easily - the only problem was there were so many files. I ended up using the Paint.NET Bulk Imaging Processor and the last part turned out smoothly. Now all I have to do is make the atlas lightmap files, put them into the game, and...
  2. Done, and now I don't get the error message anymore. But... still no DDS files. here's my code: @echo off "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 9/scripts/bf2/bin/release/mergeTgaColors.exe" "C:/Users/[me]/Desktop/Temp/" "C:/Users/[me]/Desktop/Temp/merged/" echo . echo . "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 9\scripts\bf2\bin\extern\nvdxt.exe" -file "C:\Users\[me]\Temp\merged\*.tga" -dxt1a -outdir "C:\Users\[me]\Desktop\Output" pause
  3. OK, I've run it (with the pause command in) and I always get this: problem with output directory [location of directory with \ instead of /] I've tried making an output folder in the C:/ drive (to simplify things, so that it's C:/Output instead of the long desktop address) and having the output folder in the temp folder (I thought it would help, as the program has no problems creating stuff in the merged folder in the temp folder), but neither thing works!
  4. OK, I ran the point light textures, and now the .bat files successfully merged everything into the colorful files in the "merged" folder. However, there's nothing in the Output folder! What do I need to do in order to get DDS files for the editor?
  5. OK, all the necessary TGA files (at least I think - sun and sky (I had no point lights) should be all that's necessary, right?) have been created. It's just my temp file that seems to not work! I've looked at the text, and I have no idea why it's not right. I've called it "convert.bat," and it's in my temp folder. Should I call it something else and/or put it in another location, and if so, what and where?
  6. OK, I managed to get the trial version of 3DS Max 9, downloaded the appropriate PoE tools, and have attempted to get things to work. I've got two StaticObject files - one in which I converted all the overgrowth into statics (so that they can cast shadows in the lightmap) and an ordinary one without all those. I did manage to get 52 object lightmap TGAs in the temp folder, but have been unable to get them merged, or get them converted into DDS (I think that's the format.) In the conversion step, the tutorial said to make a batch file (if you can't find the one he mentioned) and I did that using the exact same code he stated (converting the paths, of course, to my files and such). Was there more to the batch file, and the section mentioned just a few lines? I also wonder if it has anything to do with this message I get when I start up the program: DLL <:\Program Files\Autodesk\3dsMax 9\stdplugs\DxPlugins\DxDDS.bmi> failed to initialize. Error code: 998 - Invalid access to memory location. Could someone please help me here? I've only got 25 days left in the trial version, and the map is long overdue...
  7. I reinstalled the 6-8 version. I still get the message. Nooo! OK, I was hoping that it would work with a demo version (which AFAIK is the complete version with an expiration date), as I don't think I'd need 30 days to shadow my map. Also, much to my chagrin, there doesn't seem to be any reliable place I can purchase earlier versions of the work - I did the "buy" option of the 3DS Max demo, and all it did was send me to Autodesk's site, where the only thing that seems to be available is 3DS Max 2012. And I'm out of college, so I don't think the student option is the answer (even if they still have versions the tools will work with.) What am I to do?
  8. I'm trying to lightmap in 3DSMax 6 (demo) and I'm having the same problem as well...
  9. In you said "WinXP is having problems" you mean "Windows 7 is having problems." I'm not sure why it would. EoD 2 has several copied vanilla maps (Wake Island and Dalian Plant, to name just two), and they work just fine. So do the other original EoD 2 maps. But this problem arises even if I have a fresh install of EoD 2 and a fresh install of my last-uploaded alpha (of the level, that is.) The level doesn't crash upon loading, and I'm not sure if I can get the "debug" thing with a mod (there is running the mod in windowed mode, but that only identifies strict crashes, I believe.) I'm wondering if I should just make a new, Win XP partition of my disc, and put new copies of BF2, EoD 2, the editor, and the map in it. Yet that still wouldn't explain why the level acts so weird in Win 7...
  10. For a while now I've been working on a map ("Burma Bash", in case you don't visit the BFSP forums), which has been pretty much done since May, with the exception of navmeshing, lightmapping, and other post-production miscellania. Given the map's environment (SE Asian jungle) fit Vietnam as well as Burma, I decided to make a version of Eve of Destruction as well. It, too, was pretty much complete by May, save for navmeshing etc. Anyway, recently a virus infected my computer so I had to reboot and decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to from XP to Windows 7. Upon reinstalling BF2 I found that the vanilla version of the map worked just fine, but the EoD version had problems. When the map had vBF2 vehicles spawns, everything works great. When I have EoD-specific vehicle maps spawn on the map, however - I start to have strange problems - the player's weapon might wind up either untextured on invisible, static objects disappear or are just always invisible, firing your weapon makes the undergrowth disappear (as does moving toward it), and overgrowth disappears from view, to name some of the problems. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how can I fix it. EoD itself works fine, and seems to handle other "double" maps without any problems (I've played the mod's conversion of Dalian Plant, for example, with none of the aforementioned errors), and EoD, vBF2, and the vanilla version of the map are just fine. It's just the EoD version of the map I have problems with...
  11. As I recently had to reboot the PC side of my computer and stupidly forgot my current map's editor files, I looked at http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14618]the tutorial for salvaging a map's files and did what I thought needed to be done - I downloaded a demo of Photoshop CS3, the DDS plugin and the SalvageColorDetail tool. However, rather than the correct and accurate map of the terrain detail that they should have been, the results wound up like this: Instead of the 512x512 pics they should have been, they were only 256x512 - there were cut off at the half-point! Has anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering if it's because my Photoshop CS3 is a demo rather than a full copy, but I'm not sure (I have Photoshop Elements for the Mac, but I don't think it accepts DDS plugins or the SalvageColorDetail stuff.) If you could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. OK, I've been following your tutorial, but when I go to the editor to generate the lowdetailmaps I see this: Shouldn't the detail texture be black or something? What is going on? (Both the lowdetailmaps and the detailmaps are 512x512. Why aren't they covering the entire thing?
  13. Yes, I *just* realized that and was going to delete the thread (if I could) when you responded.
  14. For some time now I've been working on a map and, relatively recently, my computer locked up and I had to reboot the entire PC side. Luckily, I was able to save the latest version of the map; however, I had forgotten to save the "editing" version(s) (with their "Editor" folders) before rebooting. As a result, while the terrain is nice and detailed and such when I play the map ingame, when I try to look at the map in the editor with the "Detail Terrain" tool, I just see a bunch of black. Is there any way to "extract" the terrain data (large, editor-style detailmaps, GroundProperties) from the level's non-editor files? It would be great help to me.
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