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  1. my map is on a server atm: [super@Vehicles.server.64] 17 Helmand
  2. this map took about 2 weeks to make. would of taken longer if i did all the nav meshing, but i'm going to university this weekend and i am not sure if i am taking my pc and i have quite a large clan who might make a custom map server to runthis map on as they seem to like it quite a bit that mod you speak of sounds good.. you'll wana be careful though, punkbuster doesn't like foreign files heh. But again, i won't committ to anything until i arrive at uni with or with out my pc thanks for your kind words though .. =)
  3. added download link to my Helmand map in the Helmand thread in the WIP section :)

  4. okay, i have edited the map since the video was done, added stuff, taken away stuff and now here it is, the first version anyway -->Download Link<--
  5. don't forget that most if not all american made vehicles steering sucks.. so it's quite realistic hehe
  6. i thought i would do a vid of my work so far.. i only actually noticed a few errors when in game and some of those you can see in the video heh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb76FH_bSR4 and mavrik, the middle area is un even in places..it's not completely flat, so if you are worried about snipers, don't be. cos if you prone you won' really be noticed..failing that, you have a fair few trees to hide behind
  7. this pic was also taken with out building the final roads as you can see on the bottom left heh
  8. right.. done quite a bit of work on this, only have the minimap as of the moment as i am lightmapping the objects for a second time as the first time i got the blue screen of death (my computer is not as young as it used to be lol). both teams have 2 x heavy jeeps. 1 x APC, 1 x Tank and 1 x attack heli. At the mosque and town there is a civilian car and at each location is a TOW, AA gun and bipods.
  9. probably.. i can deffo do it in photoshop.. but whether it will fit in on the sky dome is totally different.
  10. ah thanks, the earth is a tiny bit distorted.. but that would of been the case anyway.. unless i made it very very small but it then would look relatively unrealistic unfortunatley. Also, terragen isn't so good at doing space skies but i did try. If you can get your hands of a copy of Terragen 2..then you would be able to make awesome skies!
  11. nice.. i can see people abusing this already what about an animated train next? x)
  12. i had a stab for ya again i haven't tested it in the editor. i added the earth and added a gradient effect and a slight outer glow. I also added stars. But one or two might be stretched unfortunately. ->Download Link<-
  13. are you going to be using any fog? i'll need to know the RGB colours..so i can blend the bottom of the sky dome with the map
  14. sorry my bad.. i never read things properly =D now you want to have the earth and the sun..yipes.. i can give it a shot.. but it might look odd
  15. i had a stab at making a night sky, i even photoshopped in a moon for you too i put the moon in before moulding the screen shots together, so it shouldn't go all pear shaped on you -->Download link<-- i tried messing around with pitch black.. but it honestly doesn't look good.. if you ask really nicely, i might try to add stars too
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