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  1. Hey guys, bit off the original topic, but @Devilman: Any chance of sharing how you got that to work? I have a modeled agm88 harm missile just dying to fly into a radar. Pretty please......
  2. Stupid questio I guess. Of course you do. Given up on the spawner for now. Giving the force tip a go. Dont know how to apply a rotational force but hopefully I'll figure it out soon. Any tips would be appreciated though. Thanks again guys
  3. Ok, so far as I have seen, all missiles have physicsType point and the firearm comp has physicsType mesh. Dont matter now tho cause the objectspawner has stopped workin. It worked first time now I screwed it up somehow. Does anyone know how to use an objectSpawner?
  4. Exactly true. But I cannot get the fire.startProjectileRotation and physicsType rotationalPoint to work for the bomb. Strange cause it works for the throwing knife. Oh well. Trying this objectspawner but when the first object dissappears then nothing. No second object appears. Will keep at it. At least the chute is dissappearing. Just not spawning bomb number two. Thanks a bunch
  5. Thank you for responding. I have read about spawning objects but I only know of the addTemplate function. Dont know if thats the same as what you are talking about? Going to try rotating the parachute instead but this method could be what I need to detach the parachute. Or at least the illusion of that.
  6. Hello again, back with a new problem. So I decided to learn to model with max 8 and have made some missile models to play with. Took a while to figure out the exporting for collisions and setting up materials in msx but they all work beautifully ingame now. Just a couple of things I cannot get right. A, is it possible to rotate a missile/bomb? I know how the throw knife and ninja star wotk, looked at those for help but no success. I want my bombs dummy to dislodge parallel to the ground, a chute then opens, and then the bomb rotates to point down to the ground, then using time based variable, the chute releases and the bomb plumets or even rockets straight into the ground. Basically a durandal. Of course it wont be useful unless runways could be destroyed as strategic objects but I would still like to know if I can deploy a slightly delayed chute? I currently have a supply chute attached which works but no delay, just poof, its there. B, rotate the bomb -90 on the y axis once the chute opens, and C, release the chute once its facing down? I have tried quite a few combinations of codes and so far nothing. The code used for the throwing knife didn't help. And I also set the bombs physicstype to rotationPoint. Anyone achieved this before? I have searched a few forums. Thanks in advance.
  7. Well now, strange isn't it. So you attached the flame to test the heatseekers instead. Cool. If it is the fact that its a strategic object then just remming out the SatelliteControlObject line doesn't work. I've given it a go. Today I gave it entry and exit points, vehicle type, hud, all to make it like a vehicle and still nothing. Though I couldn't enter it either. Perhaps that was too much. Maybe if one makes a dummy radar that isn't strategic and places it on exactly the same spot with 0 collision physics, that could work. Of course, then it must get added to EACH map's static objects file.
  8. OK so I replaced the entry "ObjectTemplate.addTemplate LaserTarget_radar" with the "ObjectTemplate.addTemplate LaserTarget" and BF2 crashes. Same happened when I used "ObjectTemplate.addTemplate UniqueTarget" in which case I then created "ObjectTemplate.addTemplate UniqueTarget_radar" and the .con file was also created. This lesson I learnt early on. Seems as though the line about "disableWhenWreck 1" has to be there. As for the other entries you mentioned, I have them all in place. One question though, my genericfirearm entry has MultiFirearmTargetComp instead of SimpleTargetComp, how are these different from one another? Both work the same, or I am not noticing a difference in game. I played with both types in my genericfirearm entry just to see. Looks like the radar will have to be made into a vehicle. When I get some time. Going to start trying to make a guided free-falling JDAM next. Maybe that'll be more feasible. Thanks for all the effort though. Perhaps I should learn the "possible" stuff first. Though if I gett this right, I will definitely share it.
  9. Yes, I am aware there are only three targeting systems, Laser, Heat and Unique. What I meant with making a custom target was this: LaserTarget.con, LaserTarget_vehicle.con, HeatObject.con, HeatObject_flare.con, UniqueTarget.con Now I used the hardcoded TTLaser to create: LaserTarget_radar.con which looks like this: ObjectTemplate.create TargetObject LaserTarget_radar rem ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo LaserTargetInfo ObjectTemplate.timeToLive 0 ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.disableWhenEmptyVehicle 0 ObjectTemplate.disableWhenEmptyVehicleDelay 0 <- have played with this value. ObjectTemplate.targetType TTLaser ObjectTemplate.disableWhenWreck 1 I then added this line to objects_server.zip\Weapons\staticobjects\military\buildings\mobileradar_ch_dest\mobileradar_ch_dest.tweak: ObjectTemplate.addTemplate LaserTarget_radar This is the entry for the AGM88 hud in menu_server.zip\HUD\HudSetup\Vehicles\HudElementsF18Pilot.con hudBuilder.createSplitNode F18PilotHud F18AGMHud hudBuilder.setNodeLogicShowVariable EQUAL GuiIndex 103 <- this is defined in GUIIndex.utxt and in the actual launchers entry on the F18 hudBuilder.createObjectMarkerNode F18AGMHud F18AGMGroundTargetMarker 230 119 336 361 hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTexture 0 Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\F15\HeatSeeking\lockBoxFriendly.tga hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTexture 1 Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\F15\HeatSeeking\lockBox.tga hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTexture 2 Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\F15\HeatSeeking\lockBoxLocked.tga hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTextureSize 0 32 32 hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTextureSize 1 32 32 hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTextureSize 2 64 64 hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeLockOnType 1 hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeObjects 4 hudBuilder.setNodeColor 0 0.8 0 1 hudBuilder.createPictureNode F18AGMHud F18AGMCircle 368 265 64 64 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\F15\LaserGuided\laserCrosshair.tga rem Ah1z\ah1z_gunnercross.tga hudBuilder.setNodeColor 0 0.8 0 1 hudBuilder.createTextNode F18AGMHud F18AGMName 200 192 200 10 hudBuilder.setTextNodeStyle Fonts/vehicleHudFont_6.dif 1 hudBuilder.setTextNodeStringVariable SecondaryWeaponNameString hudBuilder.setNodeColor 0 0.8 0 1 I then added this to the F18 AGM88 launchers entry in objects_server.zip\Vehicles\Air\usair_f18\USAIR_F18.tweak: ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSLaserGuided ObjectTemplate.target.targetObjectTemplate LaserTarget_radar <- have removed this but no difference And finally, the objects_server.zip\Weapons\Armament\missiles\agm88_harm\agm88_harm.tweak does have the line: ObjectTemplate.seek.targetType TTLaser I feel however, that I am missing something. I even tried adding the line: ObjectTemplate.addTemplate LaserTarget_radar to the Chinese radar entry on the map's server.zip\GameModes\sp2\32\GamePlayObjects.con (it's SP64 mod) but still nada. To answer your final question, the marker is missing from the radar, there are markers on the vehicles though. Oh, and I did replace all the entries that had LaserTarget_radar with LaserTarget_vehicles but that also didn't help. I think heatseeking works a little differently from laserguided in terms of when one can target as clivewil said. No bots/players means no lock but then what about "ObjectTemplate.disableWhenEmptyVehicle 0". Why is it even there for laserguided? Just going to try making it like an actual vehicle and see from there.
  10. Ah, so I created a LaserTarget_radar.con file which is about the same as the LaserTarget_vehicle one. Is that wrong? I found the target type issue here on the forum somewhere, I was trying to use unique target at first with no luck. And the agm88 has a hud with lockboxes. The template is added to the chinese radar but it doesnt put the lock box on the radar, only vehicles. I think I will give it an entrypoint and set it to allow entry and use the disablewhenempty 0 line to allow lockon. I also wonder if rcType and vehicleType and such could have an effect on locking? Or something to do with strategic objects maybe? Have to wait till finish work. Thanks for all the tips guys.
  11. Darn, I was really hoping that was not the case. I guess setting the disablewhenempty 0 in the LaserTarget_radar didnt work cause it shouldnt work. Thank you for clearing that up. Perhaps I can figure out how to make the radar come to life. Much appreciated.
  12. Firstly, hello all Battlefield modders, new guy here. Thank you for wonderful tips, tutorials and tools. So far modding the aircraft to give them realistic loadouts (used a few other mods models to help achieve this) has been going mostly well. No plans to release it only for personal use at the moment but if I ever do I will most certainly get permission from the modders. Now I have hit a dead end, for me at least. No python knowledge at all. I have tried to create an AGM88 Anti-Radiation Missile, basically a missile that locks on to radar sources but to no avail. I have created a LaserTarget_radar.con and added the line "Add.Template LaserTarget_radar" to the ch_mobile_radar_dest.tweak file (something like that, not at home) and set the HARM to attack TTLaser and the line about attacking template LaserTarget_radar to the actual weapon section on the aircrafts .con file. I have played around with quite a few combinations of lines but I feel I have reached the limit of what I can do without any modding experience on BattleField 2. I have no crashes, just the missile dont lock on the mobile radar also no target box on the radar, only on vehicles. Is it even possible to set the mobile radar as a target for locking on to? I have searched this site and google extensively but no luck. If anyone has any tips or info I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance
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