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  1. Hi again! I've released a very first demo version Download here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/dodeks-improved-sound-environment/downloads/dise-demo
  2. Hi. I got an idea to change sniper's kit geometry to have a keffiyah from MEInsurgent soldiers. I've spend the whole day today trying to export them and nothing worked: the SkinnedMesh just didn't export (BundledMesh exports properly though). If anyone has a complete tutorial, share please. I've found some info about hierarchies etc but it was not something I wanted to get. In addition, I've a question: is it possible to have that one sniper kit exported separately as .bundledmesh? Thanks in advance! Oh and to mschoeldgen: in your hierarchy of a kit there's this ske:root_skeleton thing, what kind of an object is that? PointHelper or what? EDIT: Nevermind, I found the tutorial in here: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4323 EDIT2: Ok, the SkinnedMesh finally got exported, but I've still got a problem. I've changed the .con of a US_Sniper to have the proper kit geometry and dropkit (0 and 1): ObjectTemplate.geometry US_sniper_Kits ObjectTemplate.geometry.kit 0 ObjectTemplate.geometry.dropGeom 1 but ingame only the dropkit works. My sniper uses SpecOps kit geometry BUT also my custom dropkit. What could possibly go wrong? Do I have to create a completely new, custom kit or what? I've added this line: GeometryTemplate.create SkinnedMesh US_sniper_kits to US_Common.con and here's my us_sniper_kits.con: GeometryTemplate.create SkinnedMesh us_sniper_kits ObjectTemplate.create SimpleObject us_sniper_kits ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.creator Dodek ObjectTemplate.geometry us_sniper_kits ObjectTemplate.create SimpleObject 1 ObjectTemplate.create SimpleObject 2 include us_sniper_kits.tweak Someone help, please!
  3. That's why I made an announcement I got 212 hits on MODDB already so it's becoming popular
  4. Hi. A long time ago I came up with an idea to improve the sound experience in BF2 - it was DES (Dynamic Echo System). It got a bit of interest, even from members of PR dev team, but it has a few major disadvantages and was not implemented. Soon after that I came up with another idea, I liked the BC2 HDR audio system and tried to make something like that for BF2. Here's what I ended up with I posted that on Project Reality Forums too, but it didn't get much interest. So I decided to stick to my private mod and try to improve the thing until it's ready to see the sunlight. Today I decided to make it a mod - this is DISE. It's a blend of ESS and DES and also a bit of new improvements. Its mod page is here: MODDB Hopefully it will get more attention than the separate systems I've made before. I'm planning to release it as a mod first and if it gets proper support, I'll release it as a script addon to allow other people to merge the system with other mods. Edit: I've done the very first video showing what this mod will be about: Basic capabilities of ESS Edit2: Very first demo version download link
  5. Hi. I wanted to make the minimap square like in BFBC2 or PR. Could someone tell me how to do that? Is it done by atlas editing? Or is there another way? Thanks.
  6. If there is a menu variable that triggers when magazine is empty, you could make an invisible button that automatically triggers a script which swaps animations inside animationSystem file and adds reload time just like PR has done with GL deploying anims And if the variable tells you that magazine isn't empty yet, another invisible button would trigger normal animations and reload time. Now the problem is, I have no idea if such variable exists.
  7. Look at log files located in mods/yourmodfolder/logs and the newest file. Scroll to the bottom and the problem should be there.
  8. EA - screwing up games with one spyware program at a time.

  9. Only by recording so far. I had mine recorded a long time before retail (alpha videos, anyone? )
  10. I use rallypoint from PR in my private mod, it works. Maybe try changing spawnpoint's position. Also works with AI, I've never seen AI on the hills next to village CP on Wetlands, but they spawn there when I place a SP there.
  11. I didn't know there is one. Ok, I'll do it and post in on my weebly site.
  12. I've made Sky.con files for every hour and I only want to run those files after a specific period of time.
  13. I want this to be map specific and run files that are stored in level's archive. I didn't want to do that through Python, because I don't have enough skills. A step-by-step or copy-paste would be greatly appreciated. may help you find out what I want to do.
  14. Hello. I've got a nice idea for a feature, but I don't know how to run a script every 15 seconds. Would that be something like wait 1500 run ../../../file1.con wait 3000 run ../../../file2.con wait 4500 run ../../../file3.con ? I don't know. The thing is, I don't want to do it through python (if there is no other way, then ok). And I want it like that, when you join a server that is running for 45 seconds, file 3 is already running, so this should be server-side I guess. Thanks for helping me!
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