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  1. Hello I have very much road templates. I add a spline and with ALT+click the other ones. I click connect. The road appears. I modify the terrain a little bit. I click built final road. When I finished with the other roads I clicked All Final roads .. or something like this. I did it with a BF2 PDF Tutorial. Then i noticed that I may have to import the Objects_Client.zip and Objects_Server.zip to mods/bf2/objects/[...]. But if I do that he tells me that in the server & client.zip is the same content and he cant copy it. But at least I have the client.zip now in there. I hope someone knows the problem ..
  2. I dont know what specs is Do you means OS and so on? Vista Home Premium 32bit ATI Radeon 9550 2 GB Ram AMD Athlon, i think i dont know. I know that the PC is very bad for mapping or play BF2, but on low it runs I'm not a high quality gamer But I had allready some maps, and it wanst laging .. Yes but the option with not pressing ALT, isnt a good one Maybe its because i dindt generated a minimap .. ? And if that could be the problem, how can I make a minimap? Thanks for your replies (:
  3. No, sorry. Thats not what I mean. I mean that its laging ^^ I see like 15 frames per second .. But now I found out that that only happens when i pres the ALT-Button ( that the ingameflags are shown ). Maybe you have an idea of what it could be?
  4. Yes The others run perfectly Hey and i noticed, it only lags if i press the ALT-Button ( when the flags are shown ingame ). How can that be?
  5. Hello, now my Map is "working". The terrain is great, the color, too. But now, when i fly e.g with a heli, the terrain seems like get stucked or something like this. Like a lag. Or i dont know maybe its a real lag, but i dont know why. I used the Bf2_r.exe but i have the 1.5 patch and i think it dont work with it. I hope you kann help me? Please .. ! Edit: I have vista, maybe that is the Problem for no Bugreports.
  6. But I don't have objects in my map. Only CP's, SP's, Combat Area, LightJeep, AttackHeli.
  7. Yes i think the Texture is damaged, but i dont know how to fix it. I made the texture with TPaint, I dont know if you know this Program. It Paints automatically the Map. But now the map is working First I generated a Lightmap, but one part of the map was black. Then i made it once again, and I set the sundirection and stuff, but now the map is lagging very bad, but only if I fly over the terrain, so when he must load very much texture, i think. But as soldier you notice some lags, too.
  8. I dont really know what GPO is, but i set up min. 2 flags, 2 spawnpoints and 2 cars. I also set up a combat area for alle layers. Really dont know what it could be.
  9. Can someone respond my Topic? Need very fast help please :/

  10. Hello! First of all, this is not my first map! I had everytime lots of Problems! My Battlefield is Pachted to 1.5 and my OS is Vista. I made a Map without objects for now, only texture and 3(16,32,64 Player) Layers ( 4 with the default Layer ). I want to start my Map and it crashes if I click on the join button. I had a solution from the internet, changing some Init.con values, but then my map is lagging very hardly! Now that is very strange! If I start my map in the Debug Mode (bft_r.exe) it workes very well, and i have no Error message. If i try to join in normal mode, comes the same problem. I hope i get some answers .. Thank you
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