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  1. okay ive been messing around alot is there any why to delay ragdoll or remove it?, i see the standdie animeplaying but the stupid ragdoll is messing up my work.
  2. It's all going to be ripped from mw2 with 3dsripper.....Okay the map called terminal is my 2nd fav map from the mw series so i am trying to port it to bf2, it's not really a port i was going to make it all huge objects almost like a puzzle the you put together in the editor level thing? eg the floor like the tile is going to be a hole object and the sofas etc are going to be an hole object the building them self's are going to be a hole object the glass is not going to be breakable but you can shot thru them 100% the ladders are going to be replaced with bf2 ladders and so on also the maps going to have mw2 soldiers meshes don't ask how it's from css and the guy has t pose models and im going to use them and it will have mw2 weapons in it as well But i need allot of help like animators and guys who can export soldiers. and if you wont to have breakable windows i need a object editor and for bot support i need some "navmesh ppl and sp mappers" i don't need 1 of each i need a hole team for this to work AND please do not troll this post like saying you cant do this etc it well be ignored note this is for your private mods only also can i have a dump button for this post for every new thing or update? because once this is done im going to post dl link here Send me an invite on xfire if you want to help im on it 16/7 my xfire is michicell i dont use steam alot but if you need that just ask because steam im on 5/2 thx ill keep you posted.
  3. good find or thx for telling me these any idea why when i have the bfp4f hk416 and have it use bfp4f baf files they gun is about 3 feet above the 1p camera and the arm mesh is all to hell, but i have the mod using bfp4f 1psetup.ske? http://imageshack.us/f/401/pngggg.png/ edit: okay after spending 1 hour looking at bf2 1psetup.ske and bfp4f's 1psetup.ske it looks like some one gonna have to nerf down play 4 free's ske so it can work with bf2.(because i can't)
  4. true but i have put the animation system in my mod and i added a bfp4f gun but you can not see guns yet, i need to figure out how to unhide the soldiers_client.zip and yes i have made it so i can see hidin files.
  5. Ok, i was looking in bfp4f's objects folder and opened items_client.zip and and bam there where the skinned mesh files for 1p and 3p but it was werid tho eg,ru 1p had character1p_ru_body001.skinnedmesh, and than character1p_ru_hands001.skinnedmesh. that makes up the 1p body we see in bf2, the animation system is in Soldiers_server.zip\character1p, includes weapons animations in baf format, im looking in the server zip in Strike_at_Karkand located "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Play4Free\mods\main\Levels"<for me.found the init.con file sadly could not find the kit load line eg anyways i can not find the line anywhere. BFP4f Strike at karland init.con rem *** Generated by BF2Editor *** rem -------------------------------- Game Modes --------------------------------- if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LevelSettings.ClearGameModes LevelSettings.AddGameMode gpm_cq 32 LevelSettings.AddGameMode gpm_sa 32 LevelSettings.AddGameMode gpm_tut 32 endIf rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- if v_arg1 == BF2Editor run Heightdata.con LevelSettings.InitWorld run Terrain.con BF2Editor run Editor/StaticObjects.con BF2Editor run Sounds.con run Sky.con BF2Editor run Weather.con BF2Editor run Editor/GamePlayObjects.con host UndergrowthEditable.create Undergrowth.load Levels\strike_at_karkand\ run Overgrowth/Overgrowth.con Overgrowth.editorEnable 1 run AmbientObjects.con BF2Editor run Water.con else run Heightdata.con run Terrain.con v_arg2 run Sky.con v_arg2 run Weather.con v_arg2 run CompiledRoads.con run Sounds.con run tmp.con v_arg1 Undergrowth.load Levels\strike_at_karkand\ run Overgrowth/Overgrowth.con run Overgrowth/OvergrowthCollision.con run AmbientObjects.con run Water.con run PostFx.con endIf run InitLogic.con if i find anything else ill edit this post.
  6. ah okay ill update it that worked
  7. hi well im making a new mod bf2 mod called Battlefield evolved well this mod it's more of a weapons remake mod example like all the standard bf2 weapons< made by dicetm, have been remodeled and exported back into bf2 im mainly using the content in bf2 but in order to do this ill need a mod team,i need 1. Sound Artist 2. Texture Arist 3. Animator (must have skills with 3ds max or gmax) 4. Bf2 level maker 5. python Coder 6. 3d modeler (must have skills with 3ds max) send my pm with what you want to help with and your xfire or post it here. thank you Mod's page
  8. hi well i exported a mw2 gun (ak 47) and made my own animations and exported etc, and i seem to get this weird problem with the guy holding the gun weird i was told it was my origin point on the animations that made it look like that, is there a way to fix this im not rly good at animating but at least i can do it.i was using 3ds max btw,also make it detailed pretty good on how to fix this thx.
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