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  1. but can I disable them so that they can not kill anyone I mean to keep the whole kit but you can not kill
  2. I want to disable them here as_av eu_av unl_av_rifle eu_sni as_sni unl_adv_sni bp1_motion_mine_bait Bp1_Grenade_Radar Bp1_sonar Unl_c4 unl_c4_detonator unl_grenade_emp Unl_Grenade_Frag Unl_Grenade_smoke unl_mine_antipersonnel unl_port_shield commander_emp_strike commander_orbital_strike static_av Tanks in advance
  3. on this map, there are large advertising posters on the wall. I wonder if I can change an image on them or write anything on it
  4. Gx660

    Mod 2142 Server

    not the sounds.. the message
  5. Gx660

    Mod 2142 Server

    I want to change when you throw the grenade so it says something else. not throw grenade
  6. if I turn off the damage or want to increase damage what is the normal damage if i change on this ObjectTemplate.active eu_handgun_Projectile ObjectTemplate.minDamage 0 ObjectTemplate.damage 0 ObjectTemplate.active eu_SentryGun_FireArm_Projectile ObjectTemplate.minDamage 0 ObjectTemplate.damage 0 on pac to
  7. 1.I was wondering if you can remove the rdx and exchange it for a medic box as an example. 2nd if you take away so that the rdx has no burst effect can be put on it without having to restart the server. 3rd you can remove the flags on map and do map smaller Thanks in advance.
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