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  1. Thank you for your answer mschoeldgen[Xww2]! But i dont know, what you mean with this: "[..] necessary to weigth all parts to an imported 3P skeleton using skin modifiers." Cann you tell me exactly what you mean an how it works? (BTW: I know how to import an 3P skeleton) best regards - 100fps
  2. Hello guys, I imported the Battlefield 2 US-Kits into 3dsmax 7 with the poe2 3dsMax6-8 Tools v0.30. I want to change the items (bags, helmets, backpack, ... ) carried by the us-soldiers. For example: I want the engineer to wear a helemt instead of a hat. I have only one problem: I guess i have to rename all objects, but I do not know the correct names/hierarchy. Please tell me the names and the hierarchy for at least one us-kit (+ dropkit names/hierarchy). many thanks in advance - 100fps
  3. Nice, it works now. Thank you "rhysm_08"!
  4. Hello guys, 1. What I do: I open the normal Battlefield 2 weapons in 3dsmax 7 with the poe2 3dsMax6-8 Tools v0.30, remove the big "front/rear sights" and export them to a new bundlesmesh. Then i create new zoom-animations. After all this i have really cool 3D-ironsights 2. My problem: Normally i import a weapon and rename the parts as follows: (THE RED LINES ARE THE PART THAT I REMOVE!) root_bundledMesh_<weaponname> -geom0_1p --lod0 ---mesh1_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh2_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh3_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh4_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh5_Fp__HandFireArm ----... --lod1 ---frontsigh ---rearsight -geom0_3p_View --lod0 ---mesh1_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh2_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh3_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh4_Fp__HandFireArm ----mesh5_Fp__HandFireArm ----... This method worked perfect till now for these weapons: M16A2, M16A2 w/ M203, M4A1, M92FS, M1014 (Benelli M4) But the m249 saw does not work correct. Ingame the weapons cartridge belt is "broken". When i fire (not zoomed), some of the cartridges move and some not. I guess the hierarchy of the m249 is very special. Please help me and tell me, how to create a correct hierarchy for the m249 saw. many thanks in advance - 100fps
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