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  1. Hey guys, I'm sorry for asking a question about an old game but I have a issue that I've been trying to fix for so long but can't make it work while it's probably a stupid mistake I'm overseeing. I used to have automatic messages on my BF2 server every 45 seconds or so (without the Punkbuster system). This is the content of the file I used: import bf2 import bf2.Timer import host interval=60 # Number of seconds between announcements message1="This is an unranked server" message2="Modified by Belgian_hero and =hero= Shoota{BE}" message3="Grenadelaunchers and C4 have 0 damage" def onTimer(data): global message host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "%s"' % message1) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "%s"' % message2) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "%s"' % message3) timer=bf2.Timer(onTimer, interval, 1) timer.setRecurring(interval) Now my question: Is this content correct? And more important: where do I place this file? I can't seem to make it work, I put it in the EA Games/Battlefield2/Admin/standardadmin file and the EA Games/Battlefield2/mods/python file (while adding the name of the file in the _init_folder but it won't work anymore.. As you can see I'm a newb in modding, haven't made this myself, so can anyone help me?
  2. Hello, can somebody send me this script please? elias_v_b@hotmail.com The link does not work.. Thanks!!
  3. Hey guys I REALLY need help for this script you can see on this picture: http://shrani.si/?2J/j8/igqJ54k/bf2hs.jpg As you see, it was a script that showed when a player did a headshot, but it's not anymore available on that site Does any of you guys have this script, cause i could really use it, im making a sniper only server, and this would be a great feature for my server! Please send an email to elias_v_b@hotmail.com, or reply to this post, but this is my 4th forum im searching so im not sure i will find this forum again Thank you very much, Elias
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