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  1. I want to make certain bullets penetrate hard armor vests at only up to 100 meters. I was thinking of firing 2 projectiles at once, one harming soldiers in hard vests and disappearing after traveling 100m and another projectile harming soldiers in soft vests, which goes on after 100 meters. All I found out with the search was that you can't make a gun fire 2 different projectiles at once. Then I remembered having seen a thread about a projectile spawning other projectiles. I couldn't find it, even though I swear I have seen it. I don't care that the projectile spawned from another projectile won't "officially" give you a kill. I just want to make it more realistic.
  2. For me it worked fine, except for the magazine being 15cm towards the front of where it should be. Here's what I did, step by step: 1) I copied the original aksu and ak101 files to a folder I made for this test. 2) Imported aksu into max9 3) Deleted everything, except the magazine 4) Imported ak101 5) Deleted the original magazines 6) Cloned the aksu mag 3 times and put them all into hierarchy 7) Moved it into the right position (didn't make a difference) 8) Exported it into a different folder 9) Copied the meshes folder to my ak101 folder This worked for me. Hope it helps.
  3. Did you rename the aksu magazine to what the old magazine was? Did you export it to the correct folder with the correct name? I'll try to do this myself too and I'll see what happens.
  4. Thanks, added that line and it works nicely.
  5. There is a ton of things you could be doing wrong. What exactly are you doing? Did you import the ak to Max, edited the mag and exported, or did you create a new ak model and exported that? Where did you export it? Did you give it the same name as the original ak mesh? Give us more info to work with.
  6. I have 2 problems that I have been working on quite a while, but I haven't found the solutions using the search, even though I have seen threads about them. 1. How to make effects (blur, blood etc) when the player is too injured? 2. Planes lose control when flying too high. I wan't to increase that height to make dive bombing and epic dogfights possible. I remember something about line like zeroAirPressure or something in a map's init.con, but I can't find that line.
  7. So I looked through my older posts today. I now completely understand what you mean when you say "stupid 12 yr olds"...

  8. I know this is very, very old, but if I get my AK74 working(would be the first object I make myself fot bf2) then i'll try this.
  9. yeah well I couldn't find a good model anyway... But I have never noticed that license agreement.
  10. The question is really simple - Can I use free models from lets say turbosquid then will it be enough if I include the creators name in the credits and tell him/her I did that or I will brake copyright laws if I do that?
  11. Well why don't you make it yourself? Just start testing and find out. It's not that hard. I had this in an excel file but I deleted it when I started tweaking vehicles. When you make it then make sure you don't forget that some bullets have different materials. I'd make it myself but I don't have the vanilla version anymore(I tweaked some of its files accidentally and haven't reinstalled). For soldiers you can just set the weapon damage higher than the soldier's health(find it in soldier's tweak file).
  12. So what? The parts I need to make separately so they could be moved in animations are not different for blender and gmax are they? Or is it so hard for you to understand that some people have different preferences? Just because I am the only person around who uses blender instead of gmax you will not help me with a problem where the exact program being used does not matter? Anyways I dont give a s**t for a while. I have given up modding for some time.
  13. No offense but maybe you could just answer my question instead of advertising gmax and 3ds max. I will learn them in my free time but now I just want to finish my model in blender and get it to bf2. And I can't finish it without knowing what parts do I need to make separately. Also I don't know how to set up the hierarchy. BTW if it makes any big difference then I decided to model an M4 with EoTech sight instead of the glock.
  14. Well I've spent weeks tryng to learn gmax and I still can't do anything in it. And then I learned the basics of blender in just a few days. That's why I use blender. I'll keep trying to learn gmax. Then I'll use 3ds max/gmax for materials and keep the mesh names short.
  15. I just started to understand how to make models in Blender so I decided to make a glock 18 for bf2. What I want to know is what parts do I need to make? I mean, do I have to make the mag and such things separately? I didn't post this in modelling section because there isn't one for blender. Basically I want to make the model in blender, export as a .3ds, import to 3ds max and then into bf2. BTW are any of vanilla pistols similar enough to glock 18 to use its anims?
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