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  1. Hi! I've made my first map (called "CHOLERSTWO"). it works good, but when i want to play in sigleplayer the game crash. i've send to gamefront map whith bots and orginal map. Could somebody tell me, where i made a mistake in "bot-map", and "intall" bots on orginal map , next send it to me? WARNING: map only works good, when you on not coop, not conquest, but singleplayer in multiplayer!!!!! map is here: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20028608/map-problem.rar thank you in advance.
  2. HI! Im trying to make map whith single player mode and a lot of obiects. Do somebobody know a manual for bfeditor? If no I m going to give you some questions: 1.how to start new map, and import obiects to it? 2.how to put bots on my modificed map? i've changed flags in Gulf Of Oman but if I want to start game whith bots, the game kicks me. 3.how to import an obiect from level editor (like a rock) to an obiect editor (i want to make a rockplane) if i schould put it in other discussusion, say me. please answer
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