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  1. thanks and yeah they were added in the most recent update, they've only been in there for about 3 days lol
  2. Would anybody be willing to port the Play4Free XM8 prototype and XM8C for me? I'd appreciate it...send me a PM if interested
  3. might I suggest you take a look at this: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15536
  4. I was playing a LAN game the other night and decided that I would be the copilot and kill all the bots with my machinegun and TV rockets. I haven't really done that in a while, I usually do the flying. I went to take out a tank and the TV-guided missiles wouldn't work! They A) went in the completely opposite direction or B] just went straight. I don't know when it happened, but I do not remember making any changes to the missiles themselves. I have since replaced the AH-1Z tweak file, as well as all the TV-guided missiles in the armament\missiles directory. But they still don't work. This is the same for the Mi-28. Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm running the 1.41 patch. And the vanilla rockets work fine. Is something in my personal mod causing a conflict?
  5. Ok I've made sort of a bloodframe effect that I want to use whenever there's an explosion close by. I've mounted the shaders_client from PR, so now I've got the big blur that shows up with any close hit. How do I change this blur effect to my bloodframe?
  6. I do hope that he can release that last one though. It looks positively awesome. and since battlefield play4free is, well, free, since there was no purchase involved, doesn't that still make whoever downloads it the owner of that copy? I apologize if that question sounds stupid, i don't speak legal-ese
  7. any chance you'll be doing the ironsight AUG? That, the m95, and that M4(?) would make a great addition to my mod.
  8. aha. that's not a problem. It's chock-full of content from PR, Special forces, AIX...if I released this, the whole internet would want my head. Besides, I don't really want to...the only reason for its existence is so I can have some epic LAN games. and bfbc2 guns (especially the two I mentioned in the first post) would just make it that much more awesome.
  9. I googled this but all I got were bad company 2 links. I want to use several of the bad company 2 guns (specifically the XM8 and M95) in bf2, but I'm not sure if the meshes are compatible. If they are, I'll put in the time to export all those weird files. But I don't really want to spend the time extracting and converting etc. just to find out it's not possible. Any ideas?
  10. I have a slot that needs to be filled in specops for my mod. I figured since the 1.5 patch broke the commander, and applying to be commander just to call in an artillery strike gets old, I could make an 'artillery designator' so that specops could call in some arty support. So the (human) specops guy can just throw the transmitter on the ground, clear the area, and kick some @$$. the plan is: 1. import the US_transmitter from the USI mod. and that's as far as I've gotten. I want the artillery-pieces to actually swivel and fire when I push the 'transmit' button, but I can't figure out how to do this. It's not all that important, it'd just be sweet. I figured that I could make the transmitter have the projectile template from the USART_LW155 system, and set the projectile start button all the way up in the air. Would that work?
  11. Ok so I'm trying to get an eotech hud ingame. I have copied the image from PR's atlas, and put it in its own file called eotechAimPoint.dds. This file is located at HUD\Texture\Ingame\Crosshair...heres the HudElementsEO.con file --> hudBuilder.createSplitNode IngameHud EOHud hudBuilder.setNodeLogicShowVariable EQUAL GuiIndex 100 hudBuilder.setNodeLogicShowVariable OR GuiIndex 101 hudBuilder.addNodeBlendEffect 7 2 hudBuilder.createPictureNode EOHud EOHitIndication 384 284 32 32 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame/CrossHair/vsp_HitIndicator.tga hudBuilder.setNodeRGBVariables CrossHairColorRed CrossHairColorGreen CrossHairColorBlue hudBuilder.setNodeAlphaVariable HitIndicatorIconAlpha hudBuilder.setNodeShowVariable HitIndicatorIconShow hudBuilder.createSplitNode EOHud EOCrossHud hudBuilder.setNodeRGBVariables CrossHairColorRed CrossHairColorGreen CrossHairColorBlue hudBuilder.setNodeAlphaVariable CrossHairColorAlpha hudBuilder.setNodeLogicShowVariable EQUAL GuiIndex 100 hudBuilder.createPictureNode EOCrossHud EOCrosshairUp 398 285 8 8 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame/CrossHair/vsp_CrossHair_single.tga hudBuilder.setNodePosVariable 1 CrosshairUpPos hudBuilder.createPictureNode EOCrossHud EOCrosshairDown 393 315 8 8 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame/CrossHair/vsp_CrossHair_single.tga hudBuilder.setPictureNodeRotation 180 hudBuilder.setNodePosVariable 1 CrosshairDownPos hudBuilder.createPictureNode EOCrossHud EOCrosshairLeft 385 294 8 8 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame/CrossHair/vsp_CrossHair_single.tga hudBuilder.setPictureNodeRotation 90 hudBuilder.setNodePosVariable 0 CrosshairLeftPos hudBuilder.createPictureNode EOCrossHud EOCrosshairRight 415 299 8 8 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame/CrossHair/vsp_CrossHair_single.tga hudBuilder.setPictureNodeRotation 270 hudBuilder.setNodePosVariable 0 CrosshairRightPos hudBuilder.createSplitNode EOHud EOAltHud hudBuilder.setNodeLogicShowVariable EQUAL GuiIndex 101 hudBuilder.createPictureNode EOAltHud EOAltCrosshair 0 0 49 49 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame/CrossHair/eotechAimPoint.tga What am I doing wrong?
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