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  1. Did he use custom objects? Because if he didnt pack his map properly with any custom content its not going to work
  2. Right, more info. And yes, gone thru that tut quite a bit I have the hierarchy is set up as the bone us under the spring, and the cols are also under it. I applied the modifier and only selected those vertices that are effected. I didn't edit that selection cage that it shows, I did it all manual as the tut says. EDIT: I have no idea what I did but it works now.. It showed that problem in 3dsmax and I unclicked always deform and it fixed even though I clicked that option several times before with no success?? So if I could get any additional info on setting up bones thatd be great EDIT 2: doing the UV stuff for the wheels and Im not getting the one side green, one side red. Its all red, same for translate. Still red
  3. Hey, been trying to export a tank (well apc with treads) and Ive got this problem Ive no clue what is doing that and ive spent several hours trying to fix it. Thanks!
  4. cough cough.. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/129123-pr-bf2-gamespy.html
  5. if it was a editor limit it would just not render it until you got closer I think. Fog settings? can you post another picture or 2?
  6. Google http://bf2.gamebanana.com/tuts/6175 See if you did all that is there, or check any other tuts. Im sure you're missing some file that makes it load BF2 stuff
  7. Interesting, never seen that before
  8. Very nice, keep it up! I wanna see it with lightmaps haha
  9. Have to ask, did you install with the compatibility mode? XP 3 I believe. Is this a new problem after updating or just always happened?
  10. hey guys So I ve made a new snow material and am wondering how I would get this ingame, it is for a specific level, my question is can I load it through the custom zips loading with the level? Would loading the material.cons overwrite the ones that are there or how would that work? How to pack this properly..?
  11. Hey, which setting would I change to change the color of an effect, say the brown dustcloud effect. I saw there was a color line in the tweak file but it was 1/1/1 which is black EDIT: Alright, I used the effect color in the editor and it looks pretty good, anything else that I can change to make it look better? PS im going for a snow effect ;0
  12. edit nvm found it, ill prob have questions later
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