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  1. Hello, Maybe this is a over-questioned error msg, but I need to ask it again, because I couldn't get anything useful out of it: So, I want to change the kit unlocks for the classes, so the opposite team's weapons are also available. Hard work, and a bit luck, I managed to make this work...in singleplayer. Other can't join me, and I can't join my self-made server either. I get the above error msg. The file suspicous for me: init.con: rem *** Generated by BF2Editor *** if v_arg1 == BF2Editor run Heightdata.con LevelSettings.InitWorld run Terrain.con BF2Editor run StaticObjects.con BF2Editor run Sounds.con run Sky.con BF2Editor run Editor/GamePlayObjects.con host UndergrowthEditable.create Undergrowth.load Levels\Gulf_of_Oman\ run Overgrowth/Overgrowth.con Overgrowth.editorEnable 1 run AmbientObjects.con BF2Editor run Water.con else run Heightdata.con run Terrain.con v_arg2 run Sky.con v_arg2 run CompiledRoads.con run Sounds.con rem run tmp.con v_arg1 Undergrowth.load Levels\Gulf_of_Oman\ run Overgrowth/Overgrowth.con run Overgrowth/OvergrowthCollision.con run AmbientObjects.con run Water.con endIf rem ------------------------------- LevelSettings ------------------------------- rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- gameLogic.setTeamName 1 "MEC" gameLogic.setTeamName 2 "US" gameLogic.setTeamLanguage 1 "MEC" gameLogic.setTeamLanguage 2 "English" gameLogic.setTeamFlag 0 "flag_neutral" gameLogic.setTeamFlag 1 "flag_mec" gameLogic.setTeamFlag 2 "flag_us" gameLogic.setKit 1 0 "MEC_Specops_mod" "mec_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 0 "US_Specops_mod" "us_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 1 "MEC_Sniper_mod" "mec_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 1 "US_Sniper_mod" "us_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 2 "MEC_Assault_mod" "mec_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 2 "US_Assault_mod" "us_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 3 "MEC_Support_mod" "mec_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 3 "US_Support_mod" "us_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 4 "MEC_Engineer_mod" "mec_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 4 "US_Engineer_mod" "us_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 5 "MEC_Medic_mod" "mec_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 5 "US_Medic_mod" "us_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 6 "MEC_AT_mod" "mec_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 6 "US_AT_mod" "us_heavy_soldier" rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- gameLogic.setBeforeSpawnCamera 42/50/-187 18/15/0 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LevelSettings.CustomTextureSuffix "" else texturemanager.customTextureSuffix "" endIf rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- GameLogic.MaximumLevelViewDistance 400 rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 1 100 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 2 100 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 1 200 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 2 220 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 1 300 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 2 330 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 1 50 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 2 50 gameLogic.setDefaultTimeToNextAIWave 0 gameLogic.setTicketLossAtEndPerMin 200 gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 1 7 gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 2 7 rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- renderer.globalStaticMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalBundleMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalSkinnedMeshLodDistanceScale 1 run mods/mods.con And one of the modded-kit files: ObjectTemplate.create Kit US_Medic_mod ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.kitType Medic ObjectTemplate.geometry US_kits ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate Medic ObjectTemplate.geometry.kit 1 ObjectTemplate.geometry.dropGeom 11 ObjectTemplate.networkableInfo KitInfo ObjectTemplate.setHasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.dropHeadwear helmet ObjectTemplate.abilityRestoreRate 0.05 ObjectTemplate.abilityInVehicleRadius 7 ObjectTemplate.abilityInVehicleStrength 0.25 ObjectTemplate.abilityInVehicleMaterial 73 ObjectTemplate.unlockIndex 3 ObjectTemplate.cullRadiusScale 2.4 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USPIS_92FS ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USHGR_M67 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate medikit ObjectTemplate.addTemplate defibrillator ObjectTemplate.addTemplate kni_knife ObjectTemplate.addTemplate UnlockUSMedic ObjectTemplate.addTemplate UnlockUSMedic2 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usrif_m16a2 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate ParachuteLauncher rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Ability ObjectTemplate.ability.hasHealingAbility 1 ObjectTemplate.createComponent AbilityHud ObjectTemplate.abilityHud.healingSound S_Heal ObjectTemplate.abilityHud.repairingSound S_Repair ObjectTemplate.abilityHud.ammoSound S_Resupply ObjectTemplate.createComponent VehicleHud ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.hudName "HUD_TEXT_MENU_SPAWN_KIT_MEDIC" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.miniMapIcon "Ingame\Kits\Icons\kit_Medic_outline.tga" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.vehicleIcon "Ingame\Kits\Icons\kit_Medic.tga" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.spottedIcon "Ingame\Player\Icons\Minimap\mini_Soldier.dds" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.pantingSound S_SprintBreath ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.injurySound S_Injury ObjectTemplate.sprintStaminaDissipationFactor 0.2 rem ---BeginComp:HelpHud --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent HelpHud ObjectTemplate.HelpHud.helpStringKey "HUD_HELP_KIT_MEDIC_inVehicle" ObjectTemplate.HelpHud.helpSoundKey "HUD_HELP_KIT_MEDIC_inVehicle" rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:Radio --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Radio ObjectTemplate.Radio.spottedMessage "infantry_spotted" rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.create ItemContainer UnlockUSMedic ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usrif_sa80 ObjectTemplate.unlockLevel 1 ObjectTemplate.create ItemContainer UnlockUSMedic2 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate rurif_ak101 ObjectTemplate.replaceItem usrif_m16a2 ObjectTemplate.replaceItem usrif_sa80 ObjectTemplate.unlockLevel 2 I hope I provided the info required, and the BF2 Demo (and this site) is not forgotten.
  2. rolaca11

    Opinion 'bout Fim-92

    no, not yet, but if u think its good, i can uvmap, and send it to you ;-) thx anyway
  3. rolaca11

    Opinion 'bout Fim-92

    Hy everyone, it was a long time ago I've been here, but now, i need your opinions about my newly created textureless FIM-92 Stinger, the portable edition of the original BF2. So i don't want to tell more, here are the pics:
  4. Hy everyone, I just edited he BF2 flash menu with a tutorial on this site, but when publishing, packing it and opening the game, no text can be seen. As fonts, I have the Helvetica and the compressed one, and as Tahoma 11... i set Tahoma, and no for everything else is System default...
  5. rolaca11

    Using Bump Texture

    Hy, I want to ask if I can use a bump map to make my objects more detailed? and if yes, how?
  6. Solved, Problems with texture path, OK now.
  7. Hy everyone, I modded my .staticmesh and .bundledmesh file's end, that where to search the Texture, and after that, I get the next error: Note, the numbers in the Title are randomly written, and close to real.
  8. Okay, news: I tried another M4, because the one before was shitty, it can't be seen, but it's there, because i can't walk through it. I shall mention that it has texture, but just in editor Finally, I got it work. Just to make it clear for the later readers of this topic, i exported as StaticMesh, used DXT 5 Alpha channeled mipmap-less .dds as texture and it works I ask fot opnions 'bout it:
  9. I tried, but it crashes at "Join Game" button
  10. rolaca11

    Problem With New Mod

    So, maybe I misunderstand, so I write 2 possible thing You can do: 1. Extract the server.zip in the map, create a custom_objects folder, and a custom_objects.con file into the folder. Then, open the Init.con file, which is in the root of the .zip, and write to the end of the file: rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- renderer.globalStaticMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalBundleMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalSkinnedMeshLodDistanceScale 1 rem --------- blad3cx321 M0dz ---------- run custom_objects\custom_objects.con IMPORTANT: that 3 lines which start with renderer.glob..... should be there 2 times, after you copied Next, go to the newly created folder and create a new folder, named as the name of the object you're 'bout to modify. Now, go to the root of the mod (bf2 as I think) so for example: C:\Rpgram_files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\ and there, you will find an objects_client.zip, and objects_server.zip Open Objects_server.zip, or if it's still extracted, then Objects_server folder and look for the object you want to modify, and copy it to Levels\<modifyed map>\custom_objects\<modified object>\ Lastly, open custom_objects.con and type: run <modified object>\<modified object>.con And you can modify 2. If you want to modify not only for one map, then you can modify it in the whole bf2, or the opened mod. You only have to do is open the modified objects .con and .tweak file in the Objects_serer.zip, and I don't know, but maybe in Objects_client.zip also. Please note, that if you choose the first process, then you can't play on that map, and if you choose the second process, the whole mod can be unplayable on Multiplayer, unless the server has the same modifications then you. So, it's recommended to do these by making a backup.
  11. rolaca11

    Problem With New Mod

    That isn't about a new mod, but a modification of just 1 map. You don't need to create a mod, just copy and rename that map.
  12. Hy everyone, I've successfully exported an M4 Carabine into BF2, but I have a problem: It isn't there. I double-checked if there's some mistake in the StaticObjetcs.con file, but no problem. As a test, I put the standard USRIF_M4 neraby, and the same happens. It looks like this in the Editor: And in the game:
  13. rolaca11

    Using Poe2 Tools

    thanks everyone @dodek96_pl: that long folder name...
  14. rolaca11

    Using Poe2 Tools

    Hy everyone, I just started using PoE2 tools, since I got it work, and successfully exported a very simple 3DS Max model to BF2. But, there is always a problem, and now it is that I cannot change the size and cannot export texture, so my model is only seen in the Editor, with "I want you" texture (). So, could someone explain me by a step-by-step tutorial? Thanks very much.
  15. rolaca11

    Bf2 Editor

    I can recommend you help me a lot, just like this forum.