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  1. Well Ive been creating the overgrowth shadowmaps for some of my maps. Unfortunately I have placed a few static vegetation in selected areas that obviously will not be affected by the overgrowth shadowmaps since those are static. Now i know how to change overgrowth into static vegetation. However, I am trying to now change a few static vegetation to overgrowth so those would be properly shadowmapped as well. Ive looked into the overgrowth files and suspect this has to do with the overgrowthcollision.con, but im not sure what all the values in that file are for. Does anyone know of a possible solution on how i can achieve this? thanks.
  2. 0utlaw

    Converting BF42 skies to BF2

    these links are broken.. anyone have these files or know of a working link for this? thanks
  3. 0utlaw

    Dynamic Shadows

    is it possible to give static objects or simple objects dynamic shadows? castsDynamicShadow 1 ive tried adding this but with no luck...
  4. 0utlaw


    Is there an alternate way to load the object lightmapatlas.tai or the object lightmaps? maybe through the init.con or tmp.con? please help.
  5. 0utlaw

    Lightmaps Per Layer?

    well i know its possible to have different sky settings per layer, but im trying to set up a map to have different lightmaps per layer to match each sky. i have yet to figure this out or if it is even possible. any ideas?
  6. for bf2, sv.numberplayerstostart 0, is used to allow a local conquest server to start without more players. does anyone remember or know how to start a local conquest server with less than 2 players in battlefield 1942/fh1? ive searched and could not find anything, thanks.
  7. 0utlaw

    End A Round When Everybody Is Dead

    can try to give each team 1 more ticket than players so either team you can switch to? but then if you dont switch, both teams will get 1 extra respawn... sort of a double edge sword but a quick fix if you want.
  8. 0utlaw

    End A Round When Everybody Is Dead

    a deathmatch type game? can try this.. per map within the server.zip. open the init.con, change the ticket count to how many players per team. then open the gameobjects.con and change all control points value per team to zero. maybe that will work, but of course then there is no bleed, its only a deathmatch. just an idea.
  9. 0utlaw

    Tile Stitching

    or this works too http://www.graphicreality.co.uk/index.php?Mode=Portfolio_Details&ID=48
  10. 0utlaw

    Commander Zoom

    where can i find the files to alter the commander ability to zoom into the map? i was guessing within the menu files, but can not locate. help please, thanks.
  11. 0utlaw

    Powerline Wires?

    staticobjects/common/com_objects/cables staticobjects/common/com_objects/cablepole staticobjects/common/com_objects/lamppost
  12. 0utlaw

    Map Crashes While Loading

    running bf2 in window'd usually gives the crash error when it happens. right click on the bf2 desktop shortcut, open properties, change fullscreen 1 to fullscreen 0. that enables window'd mode.
  13. 0utlaw

    Modding Weapons

  14. 0utlaw

    Map Crashes While Loading

    run bf2 in window'd mode, that will usually give the crash error.