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  1. userme5

    Sound Repetition

    i could post the whole file but how? can i uld here or do i have to give a link
  2. userme5

    Rpm - Sound Loop

    ok so i gpt a similar problem, i made the beretta burst fire and the sound loops TOO much as i made a sound that fires 3 shots in sync with the burst fire...but the problem is that it repeats itself 3x for 3 shots...i want the sound to repeat itself every 3 rounds...any ideas?
  3. userme5

    Sound Repetition

    So i wanted to make the M93R...so i made a correct sound...so i put it in and it worked...not like i wanted...instead of playing once for 3 shots it played 3x for 3 shots( i made a sound that fires 3x as i made the M92 burst fire)any ideas on how to make the sound repeat itself only each 3 shots?
  4. almost impossible as i allready finished my mod by now, but still am unable to edit the US SPEC OPS kit...i edited EVERY SINGLE OTHER KIT in game even EU and it all worked...with any weapon.. so can i uld my mod here? (on this site)
  5. scratch that i fixed it, so now i can customize every class EXCEPT the US SPEC OPS...any ideas?
  6. hey, im having problems with this, it doesnt work... i edit the kits save em and then when i go test em in game, the kits arent changed... i also tried modbuilder because im not a skilled modder i just use tools and it worked 3 times...then i couldnt do anything... the kits stay the same...btw im running 1.41
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