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  1. https://yadi.sk/d/iBXprNPg63uki MAPS RWOM on (site rockets-bf.ru) Yandex Disk
  2. All of our base software Game Real 2.0 is moved to our own host. And, as I mentioned above you can see here - ... By the way ... Real War 2.0 (classic Battlefield 2 mod) has received the registration desk on the international portal network on'line Games Mod DB and placed in the appropriate list - http://www.moddb.com/mods?filter=t&kw=Real+War+2.0&released = & style = def & theme = & type = Materials on the Real War 2.0 can be found in the pages of the same portal: http://www.moddb.com/mods/real-war-20 or http://www.moddb.com/mods/real-war-20/videos/adh-oasis-revizited # imagebox or "satellite" of this portal - http://www.desura.com/mods/real-war-20/videos A few words about the Real War 2.0, by the way, Lugansk fashion designers in Russian, can be seen on the leading Russian online gaming portal review - http://forum.igromania.ru/showthread.php?p=9711354 # post9711354 Those who will be interesting to see, for starters, the screenshots of the map of one of the servers Moscow Real War 2.0 (RWOM), is to follow the link - http://yadi.sk/d/4RJjC_oD648bc For those who want to try by heart, what is it Real War 2.0, representing a link to the client part of fashion - http://yadi.sk/d/rw9f4DHe640cp Website Developer - http://gamesport.com.ua/welcome.php
  3. Hi! Very funny joke about for BF2142. But seriously speaking ... I looked through most of the forum on this site. Convinced of your expertise in high - AI single play, AI coder. Could you guide us to create a regime of SP and COOP for a good map - Alcazar? If I'm good to your student, we will continue this work and make such a regime for the many cards that are on our server. About of the mod Real War 2.0 and maps that are on our server, you can find out if pass by reference http://forum.igromania.ru/showthread.php?p=9711354#post9711354 Grasp ... You must be wondering what would happen. Sincerely, Vitaly. PS And this is our site - http://rockets-bf.ru , and our server - I ask the Administration of the portal is not considered advertising. Was it worth to do it across the big seas. I really want to learn how to add the SP and COOP on maps on which these regimes did not exist before. Regard!
  4. Well! Oh my God! On your http: / / went to the home page of this portal. Now I understand that the world is not alone, and relying on your help and assistance of other guys on this portal may do what planned. Admins, I apologize for a lot of words, then I will be restrained. But first .... Cordial greetings from Russia! Now down to business. Problem as follows. We found a very good map (Alcazar), but it does not have modes SP and COOP. Based on materials of this portal will add these two modes. Of course poor knowledge of English would complicate the task. If anyone would be interested to help, please briefly write the course of our actions (to identify the route). We would appreciate it if the say will be more. What you say about us? Our group of friends holding their sons to the server with the game Real War 2.0 This is a fashion classic Battlefield 2. On the Internet we find interesting a card and put on our server. So met the Alcazar, but we want to add it to these two modes. I hope the thought of politics will be thrown into the basket. We are united in the gaming world! So look forward to your help. That's it. With great respect to you. Vitali. If it is convenient for you my e'mail - Vostok3Bit@rockets-bf.ru
  5. Administrator of the Moscow servers Real War 2.0

  6. Thank you for your kind words! Hello and thank you to everyone who sees it and responds. It will be difficult to understand, you know the problem - a poor knowledge of the language, but it is very interesting and I will make great efforts to help his son understand. The link you gave is very valuable, and hopefully will help us. We, certainly, will report on the results of this work. Sergei and Vitaly
  7. Dnamro, Hi! Qualifications are not enough. I found a good map (the author does not know) Alcazar. It has no modes SP and COOP. How to increase the number of bots from 16 to 32 or 64, I know. But how to make bots on the map, on which there was none before, I do not know. Can you please tell me how to make a map modes SP and COOP. Yours faithfully.
  8. Greetings from Russia! We are working to advance on Russia Fashion Real War (http://rockets-bf.ru http://rockets-clan.ru). Not long ago we saw your card Val Fleury. It is well done. Would you like to cooperate with us so that we promote your other cards on the Russian playing field?

    If our proposal you will be interested, contact us please at vostok3bit@rambler.ru or vostok3bit@rockets...

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