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  1. wait nevermind about the sights i figured it out but now i am having another problem. the eotech sight model is in front of the eotech sight and i can see anything throught the sight. here is the glitch picture http://www.moddb.com/mods/act-of-valor/images/very-annoying-eotech-glitch
  2. Hey i was wondering if there are any free 3d programs i can use to make models for my bf2 mod. i have blender 3d maker right now but i am not going to make a model till i know i can import it to bf2 editor. so my question is , can you import blender models into bfedtitor and if you cant what free 3d model maker can make models for bf2
  3. anyone know whats up i need to know i have to release my mod
  4. ok this is the most info i can give you now. i have my game in a windowed version that i can see error messages. but anyway right when i turn on the mod this pops up on me ___________________________________________________________________________________ BF2 Error Debug Assertion failed! Version: 1.5.3153-802.0 Build data 2009-8-10 18:8 Module: RendDX9 File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2Branches\Patch_1_50\Code\BF2\RendDX9\RendDX 9Types.ccp Line:151 Text: Unknown format Unknown type Current confile: Cancel Try Again Continue _______________________________________________________________________ Behind that is a black screen. So can anyone help me
  5. i cant get a pic it pops up in a new window when it happens
  6. Im almost done with my mod then i get this BF2 Error and the mod wont start HELP!!!! here is the error BF2 Error Text:Unknown Format Unknown Type oh also i have to release this mod within 2 weeks D:
  7. Ok heres the link to the map i put the apache in. i put the apache file i'm using in the file so all you have to do is put it in the xpack vehicles file and get all on the menu client files in order


  8. ok i am trying to add the russian insurgents to my mod from the xpack so i did the usual stuff you know change the tweal and con file names from watever to watever but when i turned on bf2 and started a match it didnt crash or anything but i started it thinking lets kill some soviets but they werent there they were missing i was thinkin Vwhere is ze enemy? so can one of yu tell me whaere those silly russian are. p.s. i looked at the score thingy and it said they didnt respawn
  9. ok ill send it but you will have i will have to send you my apache file to because i have some textures tweaked
  10. i know how to texture some stuff i bet i can help u with textures
  11. no but i noticed that it worked perfectly on bf2 editor but when i put it into maps it goes nuts on me
  12. Ok i got the apache in one of my levels it looked like it would preform perfectly but it didnt. I get in the heli and i notice it starts taking off and i'm not pushing anything, so i just go along with it and keep hovering but when i actually hit the accelerator i zoom off like a jet and i can barley control it and when i let off it stops and starts hovering again. so what is wrong, is it a map glitch, a messed up code, what is it? oh and also i need to know quickly because i am releasing my mod within the next 2 months
  13. ok i got the apache in and it looks great but its not flying right when i get in it starts hovering by itself then it pitches down without moving then WOOOSSHH it takes on at 1500 km/h seriously it said that so what do i do now
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