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  1. Hello to all the soldiers on the battlefield, somehow it feels like in the good old times when there were games which were modable in every way. You dont know what im talking about? Well, long time ago there was a game called Battlefield1942, now its nearly 9 years ago. It was like Utopia, everything was usable, everything was modable. Now its different, regulations on every corner, closed server files and of course the long expected Battlefield3: without mod support. But as i said, somehow we are still living this dream of modable games and with the new power gained we are proud to publish another update with three new vehicles for the israeli and egyptian soldiers. Together with a few other Teams, we are keeping up the modding scene - even if there is no space for it for some EA managers. By the way, if you want to join the resistance and work with a motivated team, please contact us - we always look for people who want to help finishing this project. Bull well, today nobody has the time - business and dates all the time, so lets talk business. You want to know what we got? The Sikorsky S-58, mostly called H-34. An american helicopter used by the israeli airforce to transport up to 16 Soldiers or 8 wounded comrades in the MedEvac role. It was perfect to lift many soldiers in a short time behind the enemy frontlines, e.g. on the night of June 5-6 1967 (Six Day War) the IAF lifted 600 soldiers in the center of the Sinai Peninsula by using the H-34. This was the largest airlift operation ever made that time. Lets go forward to a better known comrad in the Air, the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 which was aquired in 1964. The MiG-21 was the most advanced fighter plane in the 60's and 70's. It took two years until the first MiG-21 was shot by an israeli Mirage in 1966. Even if it has faced the years now, this russian airplane is still in use by a lot of armys around the world. In the last paragraph i have to go personal, at least i love all the previous works and i appreciate every cooperation we had so far, but the ZIL-131 we got from the Eve of Destruction Team is freaking awesome and my personal favourite by now. On some mods, no offense of course, there is no time for thinking about support vehicles - but you have to think about the worker bees in the background, there was no battle without these supporters and its important to me that we dont forget about those vehicles and take the time for them. You will see, the feeling will be so much better than in some fullprice-games with eyes just on big tanks, explosions and without those vehicles. But enough talking... at least its still just a truck. Thats it for now, more words than expected, but hopefully some of you enjoyed it. Dont be shy and tell me what you think about this news - hit me and the rest of the team on facebook on our official page located at http://www.facebook.com/idfmod. (Dont forget to like!)
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