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  1. Unfortunately it is not enough Russian lessons, and they very good. But I will continue all the same to try to make the of fashions. I will search and translate lessons from your site. It is difficult to me to be guided on your site, I will ask where what lesson is. Thanks big.
  2. All greetings. I from Russia and badly know English language. I use the translator. Has decided to make fashions on Battlefield 2 but hasn't found what lessons in Russian. Therefore it was necessary to write here. I have many questions and I will write them here. 1) Posl of creation of a simple card, behind its side-altars should be visible the earth. But at me instead of the earth it is visible a flat green structure. How it to correct? 2) How to do enemies for single game? Give please a lesson which shows bases of it. Behind earlier all many thanks.
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