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  1. This is a long shot but has there been any tools that are able to extract terrain from maps, such as the height and texture maps?
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the share! If it goes down again I might upload to a battlefieldsingleplayer account.
  3. that link is also dead, and there are many other dead links on here for most of the tools. There are no logner any dbx file viewers or Res image converters, so if anyone has them can they please upload to a long term site like gamefront, filefront, or other less volatile hosting site?
  4. Actually a work around instead of a forced invoke was kind of what I was thinking. Any work around to to give players abilities that emulate the old commander assets would be great. Artilley is simple enough, but getting a uav to scan with out any player inside, might not be possible out side of using a spawnable stationary that is entered due to radar only working on vehicles and stationary weapons that are in use and the old UAV.
  5. Any chance someone could re-upload the files that now have broken links?
  6. Sorry to rez an old thread but does any one have these tools that are willing to re-upload for the thread since the old ones have been long broken?
  7. Per chance does any one have a copy of this tutorial they would be willing to reupload? The german link has an htm file but all the images are broken/missing. Never mind if you wait long enough the links will finally load.
  8. The p4f or 2142 code specific for these motion sensors doesnt seem to be included in bf2 so, I have been brain storming and trial error testing different ideas on how to get a deployable sensor that either A ) acts like a mini UAV with radar or B ) gives a loud beep when soldiers are in proximity to it. So far I tried: -a deployable spawner that spawns a vehicle or stationary with a radar sensor. The radar apparently wont work unless the vehicle/ stationary is manned making this not practical. -creating a new material with human impact sound of a loud BEEP and 0 damage for an area weapon. I tried to set it up like the AIX incendiary grenades that burn constantly so it gives off a constant weapon impact but what ends up happening is no impact until the weapons time to live expires and the weapon then explodes with 0 damage.
  9. Hi again, I was wondering if it is possible to make a python that forces an AI commander to perform the support functions via a squad leader requests. Basically what I had in mind was a python forced work around of the original request system, since that broke in the 1.5 patch. I see that FH2 mod uses some commander abilities (artillery requests) in some of their mod specific python scripts, and was thinking if these python commands could automate the broken commander requests.
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