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  1. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    Damn brother, that's sweet. I especially like the radio chatter and weapons sound effects/trails. Nice
  2. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    That's one nasty looking weapon. See it in action? I was suprised to get a notification from this forum since it had been offline for so long.
  3. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    I enjoyed watching that. Very cool effects on the nuclear warhead mushroom cloud.
  4. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    That's a great idea. nice work.
  5. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    That's cool. I especially like how long the arty runs for each time it's run. And covers a large area. Very cool Is the Transall being used as a mobile spawnpoint? I finally got mine to work good enough. I wanted the positions to be left and right sides of the cargo bay, but had troubles with exit positioning. So I got them to spawn in a row in the center of cargo bay. Works fine. The texures on the previous post look stunning . :D/>
  6. cLinch3r

    Adding Radar To Unmanned Object

    I've got an aircraft doing a flyover on a map and wanted to put radar ability on it to scan as it flys over. It's an unmanned PCO so nobody will be spawning on it. Also wanted to try and see if a Static Object like a Mobile Radar could have the same radar on it, constantly scanning. Like a smaller scan located near a CP flag. I'm trying this in BF2
  7. Is it possible to add radar to an unmanned object like static object mobileradar, aircontrol tower or unmanned vehicle ? I've tried adding to tweakfile under ArmorEffect : rem ---BeginComp:Ability --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Ability ObjectTemplate.Ability.radarRadius 100 rem ---EndComp --- however radar is not activated because it is not an object that player can enter.
  8. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    Sweet B)/>
  9. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    Very nice Are you able to utilize the scope in alt view . Any video of these weapons in action.
  10. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    I see that.Great idea, it makes for a cool killin machine. 2mm of tolerance, what a stroke of luck that was . ( or was it ???? )
  11. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    LOL, that is cool. It fits nicely on the back of that Humvee. Did you have to make a base for for it to sit on top of?
  12. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    That is freakin' cool Devilman. Love the missile launch animation too.
  13. cLinch3r

    How To Load Maps

    OK, after that your map files and folders should look like this image. You will need to delete the zip files client & server that you just extracted. I highlighted them in blue in the image. Then go to each folder , right click on it, choose "properties" , uncheck the box that says "read only" select "appy" , then it will ask you if it should do the same for applying changes to folder,subfolders and files. Select then OK. look at all the files to see if they need to be unchecked for read only so that changes can be made to them. It appears that Editor folder may already be in that map. Based on my extracted level. In there you will see all the CON files that were used in editing the original map. GamePlayObject con file is in there for a 64 player but not sure if it is coop,cq or sp. So You should replace it with whatever game type you are creating. Go to GameModes and choose what version you will be making. Looks like they are all 64 player. I would suggest you rename your level at this point to whatever you want. Use the link that Coronaextra has for you for renaming your level. At this point it is ready to be renamed. MFC157.tmp , archive.md5 , mapdata.py - are files that are also in your extracted map. I'm hoping someone here could give you more information on those files and if they can be used in your new map or not. As I am not exactly sure what they do. Now your map should be ready to be loaded in editor. But if you are going to change the terrian shape and overgrowth/undergrowth you will need to follow the steps in that second link that Coronaextra gave you. What it will do is change those dds images to the proper format for editing. You might be spending some time there with trial and error like I did before I figured it out. But, If you are not planning to change the terrian you will not need to do this step.
  14. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    This has an eerie look to it. All those bat-winged bombers flying overhead. Nice