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    Modding BF2142 !
  1. microwave

    Editor For Bf2142

    Here's the alternative solution. I'm about to try it. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=10872&hl=2142+editor
  2. microwave

    Hud Sos.

    Hey Spatchman, what would happen if you'd make the map dark ? Would it work as expected ? Cheers
  3. microwave

    Editor For Bf2142

    I've got BF2 already and will install it. Thanks Catbox
  4. microwave

    Editor For Bf2142

    Hi. I'm completly new to the modding, but I really would like to modify the BF2142 and I'm not sure how to start. I've got the BF2 editor downloaded as I thought it is compatible with 2142 but it's complaining about BF2 not being installed. Thanks