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  1. Hello BF2142 players. I'm BF2 modder and today I would love to share information about my work in progress mod which aims to improve vBF2142 visuals, animations and gameplay. I've been working on CryEngine and graphics design so I used my knowledge how to make good looking, seamless and smooth textures like they are done for any other my 3D projects. I've been developing several BF2 mods before, but now I moved to 2142 since it lack of "love" compared to other BF titles. So I started from higher resoliution textures integration. Some new textures are 2k or 4k res, mostly applied to terrain and static objects. However, due to engine limitations, I cannot reskin every single object ingame because after it reaches 2GB useage, exe will crash. There's BFSP post with more details: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19213&pid=200244&st=0&#entry200244 Example screenshots:
  2. Hey, I would like to improve my skills and I would like to make some lightings for free. there's some previous my work: There's some latest my work with lighting on my own maps:
  3. Hey, I would like to make new lighting on some maps with cool looking terrain. Sad, I have no needed programs to generate maps myself.... There's some latest my work with lighting on my own maps:
  4. map designer, lighting artist

  5. Hi, I wanted share one BFSP project BFMC backstab map remake for BF2 ! release comming then map get bot support.
  6. hello, I with =ITC=Yoy543, EnemySniper start new bettlefield 2 mod ,,Spec Ops Warfare" about special forces. we need some help: mappers animators photoshop help thanks for help.
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