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  1. I have one more question and I just don't want to start a new topic. What about recoil? How is it measured (I mean its characteristics) in .tweak file? So I want to know what exactly mean for example numbers in these lines (AK47 in vanilla BF2) ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilForceUp CRD_UNIFORM/0.4/0.6/0 ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilForceLeftRight CRD_UNIFORM/-0.45/0.45/0 ObjectTemplate.recoil.zoomModifier 0.8 ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilGraphFrameCount 4 ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilGraphExponent 4 ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilGraphTotalMovement 0.6
  2. Thanks for a useful information! Where can I find something about bullet materials? Can I make my own bullet types for different calibres?
  3. Okay, thanks for advise about soldier's health and materials. It will really help me. But I still hope there is an article or something similar about damage
  4. Hello everyone! Can anyone please make a table or something like it containing useful information about the BF2 weapon damage? I mean, for example, how much damage must a weapon have to kill a soldier in armor. Or to destroy a car. Thanks
  5. Hmm.. Lenovo laprtop, Intel i3, Nvidia gt520m, 3GB DDR3. Windows 7 home start.. and now I have installed Win XP sp3 on hard, and bfeditor works on it
  6. Bad_sants12345 of course I run it with compability mode, but it doesn't work on my system. I don't know why
  7. Okay, thanks for reply. I already have both DX9 and DX11 installed on my Win7 32bit, because at first BF2editor came with an error message that I didn't have DX9 on my PC. Now it doesn't work without any error messages Also I want to ask one question. Do I need BF2editor if I'm going only to work with AI/configs etc and leave everything connected to graphics and maps to my friend who has XP?
  8. Hello everyone! I want to make my own BF2 modification, but I simply cannot launch it I have 2 MS OS - Win 7 start basic and Win XP SP3 on VirtualBox, and is doesn't work after a first "Select startup mod" menu. Maybe anyone knows how to cope with this problem
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