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  1. Hi ChopperGirl! Do you remember me? ^^ I am interesting by the way to delete the minimum players needed to start, can you help me? And could I share its on my website after? Thx!
  2. Around 20 python scripts in French : Link here
  3. Le Narvalo


    Example : !tp Choppergirl 100 45 -67 Don't use float number... First part : 'tp|teleport:iga teleport', Second part : 'teleport': { 'method': self.cmdTeleport, 'args': '<playerid> <horizontal> <hauteur> <vertical>', 'level': 20 }, Third part : def cmdTeleport( self, ctx, cmd ): """Permet de téléporter un joueur, en rentrant son ID et les 3 coordonnées de la 3D.""" parts = cmd.split() l = len( parts ) if 0 == l: ctx.write( 'Error: no playerid specified\n' ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Joueur non spécifié."') return 0 elif 1 == l: ctx.write( 'Error: no Horizontal specified\n' ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Coordonée Horizontale non spécifié."') return 0 elif 2 == l: ctx.write( 'Error: no Hauteur specified\n' ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Coordonée Hauteur non spécifié."') return 0 elif 3 == l: ctx.write( 'Error: no Vertical specified\n' ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Coordonée Verticale non spécifié."') return 0 player = mm_utils.find_player( parts[0] ) playerid = mm_utils.get_int( ctx, parts[0], 'playerid' ) if player is None: ctx.write( 'Error: Player %s not found.\n' % parts[0] ) self.mm.warn( 'Score player failed (player %s not found)' % parts[0] ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Joueur introuvable."') return 0 horizontal = mm_utils.get_int( ctx, parts[1], 'horizontal' ) if horizontal is None: ctx.write( "Error: Invalid Horizontal Coord '%s'\n" % parts[1] ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Coordonée Horizontale invalide."') return 0 hauteur = mm_utils.get_int( ctx, parts[2], 'hauteur' ) if hauteur is None: ctx.write( "Error: Invalid Height Coord '%s'\n" % parts[2] ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Coordonée Hauteur invalide."') return 0 vertical = mm_utils.get_int( ctx, parts[3], 'vertical' ) if vertical is None: ctx.write( "Error: Invalid Vertical Coord '%s'\n" % parts[3] ) host.rcon_invoke('game.sayall "|C1001Erreur Python :|C1001 Coordonée Verticale invalide."') return 0 if player.isAlive(): soldier = player.getVehicle() soldier.setPosition(tuple([float(horizontal), float(hauteur), float(vertical)]))
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