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  1. Stranger, that pretty much describes what I am these days when it comes to modding games, haha Isn't there a chance to use the UAV code? Ah wait, I think you might have tried it with no luck, right? Hardcoded. Totally forgot about this term That's what you get for being a stranger. You forgot about limitations, rules, and pretty much everything else. I remember Point of Existence for BF Vietnam having this HTTV with a real speedo needle which was moving according to the speed. It was included in the 1P mesh and when you accelerated the vehicle, it started going up the speed scale. That was so awesome!
  2. Man thats one badass F15 HUD you created! Mind if I ask if the radar screen is actually working? If it wasn't for BF2 stretching/moving the HUD elements around depending on screen resolution, I would have done similar things with the AH64 HUD while I was on it. Looks like you've done what I was thinking, but it's too late now anyways, haha
  3. Whoa that is one amazing thing! And you know what? I thought about making a program just like this one as well, it's just that my programming skills are not that great Anyways, nice work, will definitely promote it in my editing forum
  4. When I created our static UH60 (and EoD's UH1), I removed all the rotors + engines, added the rotors back with a rot bundle, created an effect with dust clouds and the idle sound of the UH60's engine. Thing is, you can't enter it (set the entrypoint to 0) and you spawn right next to it. Works pretty well, even for bots. I still don't know how to make a spawnpoint usable when no one has entered the vehicle yet, though.
  5. Kickass! Problem is, I don't have ANY Max knowledge at all
  6. I "kinda" was about to say the same, but deleted it because I wasn't too sure. I also know they have improved the shaders' quality and such, and that 2142 in all terms is the better modding base. If only it wouldn't have so few players
  7. Those are brilliant, thanks for sharing. I feel the need to create a small WW2 arcade minimod now
  8. I would prefer a DVD version as well, but when it will be download only, I would actually prefer Steam over that EA Download Manager crap. Also, EA is too confusing with all those accounts that are being created when you create a new soldier or something (look at this mess below, don't want to start talking about all the different account management pages, oh god....). So in terms of account management and everything, Steam is the only good platform on the market today.
  9. Wow. I guess I should get ready for a new version including your stuff. Oh boy. Now only if I weren't so lazy, lol Also, what do you mean by other programs?
  10. Think creative! A possible idea would be a rotationalbundle with a huge radius, attach the target marking thingy to it and make it snap far far away by giving the rotationalbundle the Throttle thingy as an input key. Simply make it "snap to zero on no input" to move it back to the vehicle. That was just a quick idea, don't know if the target things still work when they are a child of a child (rotbundle) of the PCO, so go try it Small illustration below.
  11. Kinda worked, but it could be better Ill try and see if it looks better in 2142. If so, I'm doing a USI version for 2142, lol Edit: Comparison, both with sun in front. Yeah, the 2142 one needs a little less alpha or something
  12. Hey I always wondered if its possible to have additive textures in BF2? I mean its possible for effect particles, so why shouldn't it work for bundledmesh files? The plan was to achieve a nice effect like on this picture (glowing, no matter how dark the map settings are): Here's what I tried: In Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Objects\Vehicles_bp1_client.zip\bp1\as_hov_light\meshes\lights.bundledmesh It says its using the shader technique "AlphaColormapGloss" and the type set to 1 so I copied the shader technique to the cockpit part of our AH64 bundledmesh file and changed its type to 1. Started the game, turns out it has no effect (type 0 or 1, doesn't make a difference) Is there anything I have missed or is it simply not implemented in BF2? I can't spot any other difference between the 2142 thing with the lights and my version, not in the texture, nothing. Even tried it with copying over the bundledmesh shader files from 2142's shaders_client.zip to bf2's shaders_client.zip, but no luck. In the tweak file is a line that says "GeometryTemplate.hasAdditiveAlpha 1". Copied that, didn't work either. Your turn
  13. You might wanna take a look at how its set up in BF Heroes. Its using a modified 2142 which was using an enhanced BF2 engine. Maybe you can find out if its bone related or something else
  14. That radar thing sounds interesting! I get the point and such, but how does the code for this work? Sending those A10 textures isn't really necessary, but would be a great help to get me started on the different guiindexes per firearm. You got MSN, ICQ or Xfire or something? Feel free to contact me when you have time, the info is in my forum profile.
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