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  1. Nice! I was wondering where people were getting the ingame data. Out of curiosity, is the compression (reverse) process trivial busywork or is it different?
  2. If you are running a 32 bit version of Windows, get the 32bit version of ScintillaNET.dll and place it in the same folder. http://scintillanet.codeplex.com/
  3. Interesting. @Kiwidog, can I get a confirmation that this works for BC2? If so, do I have your permission to integrate it into my mod tools with due credit? (I might need some pointers seeing as the code isn't complete.) http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=15783&pid=106368&st=0 (Seems like when we add textures, we pretty much have the file-based tools needed for a completely functional mod (minus changes in game logic).
  4. The coordinates system is looking to be fairly straightforward. I'm currently creating a "map previewer" that will rip all the map coordinates from a file and plot them on a 2D window. If anyone has a suggestion for a 3D plotting library for C# that's easy to get into and allows basic camera movements, feel free to help! Thanks. If that is possible, then I can maybe get into allowing editing straight from the map window (because editing a 2D window with dozens of points clustered in a couple of pixels is not very easy).
  5. Bad Company 2 Mod Tools v2.0 Download: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22930539/BC2Modv2_zip Requires: .Net Framework 3.5+ Python 2.x How to use: 1. Extract and open up BC2Mod.exe 2. Click Settings and set the path to your python.exe 3. Hit Ok/Apply. 4. Click Extract and find your FbRB archive. 5. Wait. 6. Edit your dbx file. 7. Hit the Save button (or Ctrl+S). 8. Click Archive. 9. Wait. 10. That's all. What the buttons do: Extract: Extract FbRB archive and lists all the files in it. Archive: Recompress the folder back into a FbRB archive. Refresh List: Refreshes the archive file list in case you edited it outside manually. Show Selected Files in Windows: Opens up selected file in Explorer. Delete XML: Select an XML file you are no longer using and click this button to get rid of it. Save DBX: Save the DBX file you are editing. Revert DBX: Discard all changes to the DBX file you have not yet saved. Changelog: v2.0 + Rewritten in C# + Uses Frankelstner's script for fbrb archives now + Editor is now based on Scintilla, allows coloring, find/replace...etc advanced functionality + File list added + Basic file functionality added + Basic settings added v1 + Written in Java TODO: + Work in the coordinate system to allow visual editing + Integrate with leaked server files + Batch editing support + Extend to BF3 (maybe) Authors: Scripts by Frankelstner (Python) GUI by rukqoa (C#, XML Editor is ScintillaNET)
  6. This is exciting... Will test in about a month.
  7. If you need Havoc, you can download it for free from their website.
  8. So that guy basically accepted that their pipeline is total shit?
  9. Unpack/packing function works nicely (packing seems faster than previous script). I also tried to combine multiple archives and it didn't work. Combined mp_006 and mp_common into mp-common. Conclusion is that it's fine if files are bigger than they're supposed to be (ran another map), but deleting files in mp_006 isn't okay (when running mp_006, memory access again). I also tried to scrub all the files in mp_006 empty while preserving the file structure: still doesn't work. The server expects certain information to be there, and it won't work even if you move it elsewhere.
  10. Wait, so you've figured out how to combine them all into one nice big fbrb package?! So, is there a way to just unpack all the fbrb stuff, dump them into one giant folder, change stuff, and archive them into mp_common or something and delete everything else? I think there might be a problem with the game if it decides to check the size of each file.
  11. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yvyz98l627s5ux8 BC2 Mod Tools v1 This tool was designed to speed up modding dbx files over multiple fbrb archives in BC2 using the combined hard work of a lot of people. I plan on updating the tools as more become available. The program was written using Java; source code available upon demand. Dependencies: Python: necessary for dbx file editing Perl: necessary for repacking archives Special thanks to: Aluigi's QuickBMS extractor Dhwang's Fbrb repacker Frankelstner's DBX reader Frankelstner's XML to DBX script Start BC2ModTools.exe, no other installation necessary. The program might freeze when it is unarchiving/archiving the fbrb file. This is normal. You will know when the work is done when the menu unfreezes. It is unadvised to kill the process when it is working. For extracting .fbrb, run the unarchiver. The files will be stored in tools/workingdir. To repack into .fbrb, run the archiver. The new fbrb file will automatically replace the original from where it came from. To read a dbx file, open it. It will replace/delete if a xml file is already there. Save it (in the menu) before you repack. The program will not auto-save or ask you if you forgot. It is possible to use the same dbx file for multiple archives. Unarchive, open DBX, save DBX, archive. Then, unarchive new fbrb, save DBX (it will save over whatever was originally there), archive, and repeat. For any problems, ask away.
  12. You can do that? I would love if I could merge all of them, but the fbrb packer I'm using doesn't allow me to merge multiple archives. It looks at the original archive every time it tries to repack things back. It's hard to believe that the majority of the files don't contain doubles, especially the weapons AND materials files. If doubles break things, then modding those files shouldn't work (yet they do).
  13. Okay, now I finally solved that one. Weapons in MP: RoF, mag size, basic weapon properties like that -> Modify mp_common and mp2_common on server. Deviation, spread, recoil, camera stuff -> Modify mp_level on client Package. This is pretty messy. I'd have to pretty much go through all the mp_levels if I wanted to change deviation/spread stuff like that. Time to write an editor... Hm... so there's no way to tell from the numbers themselves... Well, then would it be possible to just have the xml->dbx script look at the original dbx file so it knows not to use more memory than it should? It should stop the memory access exceptions.
  14. Hmm, is it possible to have the dbx->xml script represent floats as 'x.x' and have the xml->dbx script check for the decimal point? And wow. Apparently, instead of using the deviation data in mp/sp common, they made it so that it's level-specific?!
  15. I meant something gets messed up when I do dbx->xml->dbx without modification. The file size increases about 3kb (depending on which file). I have a list of files that work/don't work if you think it would be helpful. Basically, all the vehicles body files don't work, and all the level files don't work. But everything that has to do with weapons seem to work fine. List of not working Objects\Vehicles\Land\M1A2\M1A2.dbx Objects\Vehicles\Air\AH60\AH60.dbx (Pretty much all the levels.dbx files don't work) List of working Objects\Vehicles\Land\M1A2\M1A2_Firing.dbx Objects\Vehicles\Land\M1A2\M1A2_hmg_Firing.dbx Objects\Vehicles\Air\AH60\AH60_Minigun_Firing.dbx (Pretty much everything in Objects\Weapons\Handheld works) These are server files, not client by the way. I tried comparing all the key values in the working vs. not-working, and it came up with a few like "index", "enumeration", "name"...etc. Anyway, this is like the last stop to a full blown mod. Without this, we can't edit any vehicles or levels. As for deviation, I totally screwed up. I tested it using bullet decals, which means that would be completely pointless because that's client side. Everyone else in the server probably thought I was shooting lasers when I saw completely different patterns on screen. Gah... I guess I'll make the damage 1%, get me a 250 round gun, and shoot the hell out of a quad bike (health 250). Edit: Re: Deviation, shouldn't the deviation/recoil be whatever I set it to be in the client files? I changed the mp_common and mp2_common on both client and server, and it's still the same ingame for some reasons. Edit2: Strange, seems like changing SP values for spread/recoil doesn't change anything either in SP...
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