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  1. maybe. Now our forum is being watched by EA.Damn,I don't like it.
  2. I thick Encryption of initfs_Win32 has changed because I cannot use the XOR encryption by Frankelstner to unencrypte it. By the way,how is your progress,Frankelstner ?
  3. Try to use hex workshop to edit it.
  4. Frankelstner , Are you working for the tools of bullet damage/magazine capacity
  5. Some Bf3 File Info For Modding Use hex workshop to edit it.I confirm it works. The method is given by aresyx
  6. Ok,I delete my file. Actually,it is a original inifs_win32,also thank you for your method.I succeed.Thank you!
  7. okay.I can wait.Hope you release it quickly.
  8. Do you know how to modify weapon's damage/magazine capacity.I have already read your post.But I suck,I am noob.I don't understand. Some Bf3 File Info For Modding Thank you!
  9. Can I edit it? If so,how can I edit it? I want to edit bullet damage for 9999 to kill in campagin in hard. Also,I want to know how to edit magazine capacity. I have read Some Bf3 File Info For Modding,but it is too complicated.I cannot understand(I am a noob:P) Thank you!
  10. I also used Notepad++ ,so strange.Do I need to change initfs_Win32 in update/patch,too? Could you give me your initfs_Win32 ,please.
  11. I have already done this but the game is still joining server.I change "true" to "false",then deleted one period in the file and the file size is really exactly the same
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