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  1. Hello, I've had a mod idea for a long time but have no idea how to complete it. Its called, "Coldest of Wars" and is based off a World War III showdown between NATO/US and the Soviet Union. It would be an alternate history where the Soviet ships transporting nuclear weapons to Cuba are fired upon by the US. The Soviets declare war the next day, and invades West Germany and West Berlin. China would eventually join the war and invade South Korea. The Soviet Union would land on US mainland and Alaska, forcing the US to play a defensive role. It would have the following features: Soviet Union A complete new faction with new weapons, new vehicles, radio sounds, flags, etc. Would be one of the main focuses of the mod. NATO Another new complete faction with weapons, vehicles, flags, etc. Would have weapons used all throughout Europe. Would be another main focus, and would be on maps located in Europe. USA New weapons to match the 1960s feel, as well as vehicles, and radio sounds. Would be on some Europe maps but mainly on American maps. China New weapons to match the 1960s feel, vehicles, radio sounds. Would be on maps in Korea and China. 3D Ironsights Imrpoved Hitboxes Fast paced gameplay Longer Sprint, etc. New Objects. New buildings, world objects Minor Realism changes Realistic damage, Graphics. More changes as ideas come around Maps Ideas Paris This would be hard to make, but fighting through the ruins of the bombed Paris city. NATO vs Soviet Union Suburbs Fighting through the American suburbs. USA vs Soviet Union Berlin This would be extremely hard to create, because of the Berlin Wall, but it would be amazing if it was completed. NATO vs Soviet Union Operation Saving Liberty Invasion of Chinese occupied Korea, large bare port with a scrapyard. USA vs China Operation Hawk Invasion of the fictional city of Marlingrad in Russia. USA vs Soviet Union Wake Island COW Wake Island, updated with the mod. USA vs China Deserted Large bare desert map in Iran. Major tank battle with some airfields. NATO vs Soviet Union Frozen Over Small city map covered in snow during the Russian winter. NATO vs Soviet Union Bay of Pigs US invasion of Cuba. USA vs Soviet Union More maps would be added after a beta release. So what do you guys think? I really want to work on this mod, but a lack of a mod team and the lack on mod knowledge would make it a complete failure. Mappers would be needed, as well as animators and modelers. Thanks.
  2. Working on Coldest Of Wars mod

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