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  1. it is actually for an AIX2 map I am working on I plan on releasing if there would be a conflict of interest then I don't want to use it thanks for the reply. I could have sworn that there was an AIX map that had a giant ship on it other than the carrier I thought it was a container ship.
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for a model or a map with a container ship in it I thought there was an AIX map that had one but I can't find it now. I would like to add it to the new map that I am making with the creators consent of course. Any ideas on where I can find one? Thanks.
  3. Thank you that looks like it will clear up the light map issues.
  4. I downloaded BFmeshview and started playing with it are there any tutorials out for it how do I use it to generate lightmap samples.
  5. Ok so once I move a building into the map where would I look to find all the things that the building needs and when I move them into the new maps file what folder should they go into or do they get a different folder?
  6. That's great you can put 2142 objects in a Bf2 map then play it in 2142 wonderful. If you have a list of BF2 or 2142 maps that can be played in BF2 or AIX2 that have 2142 objects in them then please list them. I have never looked for player made 2142 maps for 2142 so I have no idea what is out tthere. I also never thought to use the xpack for 2142. How do I load the xpack for 2142?
  7. Thanks Devilman the screenshot you are showing us is of BF2 stuff in a 2142 map correct? I am trying to put 2142 buildings into a Bf2 map. The link is helpful in finding where the 2142 items are in the list. Does anyone know if you can download the buildings all ready lightmapped by any chance?
  8. I appreciate the help, I am trying to decide just how much I want those buildings in the map now.
  9. Of course it is always just the opposite of what I want.
  10. Ok now I see why you don't see any maps with 2142 stuff in it. How do I determine what staticmesh, .collisionmesh, .con, .tweak, any textures the static may be using are for each building, and do they get there own folder or do they go into the existing folders in the maps directory?
  11. Uh ok how do I do that I only have photoshop and illustrator is there a tutorial on that somewhere?
  12. I have both bf2 and 2142 loaded and I have 2142 loaded into the editor. Is it posssibe to put 2142 buildings into a map for bf2 or aix2 and if so what would I have to do so the buildings would show up for other people that may not have 2142?
  13. I loaded the 1.5 booster pack into the editor and I can see and place all the buildings and stuff. But for whatever reason some of the buildings look like they are striped instead of their regular colors. I am not sure what to call it so I haven't been able to find any relevant info on the forums about fixing it.My link http://tinypic.com/r/2agrkk/6 It looks like the colors are from something else how can I switch it to what it is suppose to be?
  14. Thank you I followed the first link and now I am trying to figure out how to fix the black squares all over the ground now in the detail texture mode. How do I fix this now? http://s17.postimage.org/4yv1mqlin/Missing_texture.jpg
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