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  1. Hello, I am Jeret Kings. For the past few months my very good friend (TheMichVideos) and I have really been wanting to start a Battlefield 2 modification. But with little support and/or modding experience, we have no hope of getting anywhere without some help. Anyway, to get to the point, we are attempting to start a mod called "Battlefield Unauthorized." At first, we were going to do a kind of Battlefield 1942/Vietnam kind of recreation, but after reading the "Rules of Modding" thing, it made me think twice, so we are staging a different approach. Anyway, we were thinking "Hey... Battlefield 1942's 'Desert Combat' mod was a huge hit, but could have been better." Then we thought "Battlefield Play4Free has some neat aspects to it as well, but it's Pay2Win thing doesn't do it well." Sooo... obviously we are wanting to start a modern combat based BF2 mod. We have yet to figure out a lot of things, but we have a general idea of what we are heading for. You are probably thinking "that would really stink," but remember, we are not just mashing these games together, we are creating something new, but bringing the best aspects of these two games into a new environment. We need moddlers, texturers, animators, programmers, or basically anything and everything we can get. TheMichVideos and I, though, have little to no modding experience, so our real job will be to kind of steer this in the way we want it to go. You see, we are like a car with no motor, and feedback is greatly appreciated. We are mainly connecting through YouTube for communication, so talk to us through YouTube. Thank you so much for your help
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