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    Some Question About Undergrowth~

    I try to increase density to 3. just make a little difference
  2. DunceWasHere

    Some Question About Undergrowth~

    First of all, forgive me for my bad english I Have questions about undergrowth: 1. How to make each side of grass textured? I see the grass one side textured, one side transparent. 2. How to make grass more close each other? I don't like original bf2 undergrowth grass. Some grass a bit far each other. And textured just one side. Hope you all help me
  3. DunceWasHere

    [Help] Can I Copy Kit Geometry?

    Hi im new here and new for bf2editor. So, to the topic. Can i copy geometry from one kit to another kit? (example: copying geom8 from us_kits to ch_kits) Because every kits have different pilot kit geometry. I use us kits and ru kits from project reality (for personal use only, because i cant run project reality). That kit have different pilot kit index. us kits geom_3 and ru kits geom_10/11 (a bit forgot). Now i just can use crewkitindex 2 (tank crew kit for us, pilot-like helmet for ru) on every aircraft. That's look ugly if use tank crew helmet for pilot Sorry for bad english. Im indonesian