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  1. Hello, i have thought of a great idea for a Battlefield 2142 Mod, based on a World War III setting in 2015, this could be an idea for modders who want to start this. Factions: United States Marine Crops United States Army Russian Ground Forces (other factions can be suggested) Kits: Medic (US: M16A4/RU:AK-74M) (Unlocks: AN-94, FN SCAR-H) Engineer (US: M4A1/RU: AK-74u) (ASVal, FN SCAR-L) Assault (US: M16A3/RU: AN-94) (Unlocks: HK416, AK-12) Support (US: M249SAW/RU: PKP Pecheneg)(Unlocks: RPK-74M, M27IAR) Marksman (US: MK11 Mod0/RU: SVU)(Unlocks: VSS Vintorez, M39EMR) If anybody's interested, i'll add into further details. Sorry if i have posted in the wrong area
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