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Found 2 results

  1. In an effort to document the Battlefield Pirates mods I've built BattlefieldPirates.com. It includes a lot of information and media about Pirates 1 and 2. I've used most of what I could find that explains some aspect of each mod, and added most other media as best as I could find and categorized it. This includes most of what is available via the Wayback Machine for BFPirates.com and associated sites, as well as found released versions of each mod. GitLab.com/BCButcher/BattlefieldPirates contains documentation about the site, the code that builds it, and hopefully makes it easy to contribute to it. I write that it is a recreation of BFPirates.com, but rather it is of the BFPedia/wiki that existed there, and the Players Manual, expanded upon. The timing of when scraping, and later Single Page Apps, became popular means there's always holes in information available 15-20 years later. But in the hopes that someone knows more or has saved information or media that is not currently on the website, I would love help in further building it out. If so, reply to this post, message me, or submit an issue on the GitLab repository, and we can find a way of getting it published.
  2. Can anyone assist? I'm trying to import Battlefield Pirates into the BF Editor. Initially I was trying to open up the maps but got the 'init.con' error continuously. I then tried to create new maps, but was never able to successfully install the existing objects after unpacking them. Can anyone direct me on where to specifically unzip the objects in the mod folder? Can anyone also assist me on how to overcome the init.con issue? (Although I don't think init.con can be overcome?) I've searched high and low all day long, on a multitude of forums including this one (glad it's back up, by the way), but have barely achieved anything. Thanks for your help.
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