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Found 2 results

  1. Description A collection of tools for the Frostbite 1 Engine. Supports Battlefield: Bad Company, Bad Company 2, 1943 and probably other Frostbite 1 games. Features: Game profiles for BFBC2 and its server Create mods for BFBC2 Mod Loader´╗┐ with a few clicks Edit .fbrb archives directly similar to how it works with Mod Tools v2/v3 Edit .dbx files with the built-in text editor Preview textures, videos, heightmaps and several text formats Convert several game files with BFBC2 File Converter Port several game files from console to PC with BFBC2 File Porter (experimental) Includes all the features of Mod Tools v2/v3 and more... Watch a preview of some of the features on YouTube. BFBC2 Toolkit is completely open source! The source code can be found on GitHub´╗┐. Download and more info can be found on Nexus Mods. If you have any questions or need support, join Battlefield Modding Discord. See you on the Battlefield!
  2. Since it is a shame to see the modding community for newer Battlefield games dying, I decided to gather and upload all lost modding tools. I looked trough my backups and used Wayback Machine to safe most of the Battlefield related tools, but sadly not all, especially some Battlefield 3 & 4 tools are lost. Therefore it would be really great if someone of you still have some tools that are not available for download here yet. You can temporarily upload the tools to a file hoster like Google Drive, Mega etc. and share the link here, I will add the tools to my collection then. As far as I can tell, I have all the most recent BC2 tools that are available & needed, or are there some other must have tools beside Mod Tools v3 & TexCon? For BF4 I have everything too so far, except for the "Mesh And Chunk File Management Tool" which seems necessary. For BF3 I need all tools... So again, if someone still have these tools, please upload them to a file hoster so I can add them to my collection. If you are the owner of one of the tools, mods etc. I provide here and you don't want that I share them, please leave a comment below and I will remove your content as soon as possible. List of modding tools: Battlefield Bad Company 2 -Mod Tools v2 (BC2Mod.exe, archive.py, dbx.py) -Mod Tools v3 (Bad Company 2 Mod Editor.exe) -Texture Converter (TexCon, texcon.exe) Battlefield 4 -iTexture Converter (Batch_Itexture_Converter_BF4.rar) -iTexture Dumper (iTexDump.zip, iTexDump.exe) -Sbtoc Dumper (bf4dumper.zip, bf4dumper.py, cas.py) -FB3 Audio Decoder (fb3decoder.zip, fb3decoder.py) 3DS Max Scripts -Bone Maker (BF4_Bone_Maker(1.3).ms) -Mesh Importer (BF4 mesh Importer.ms) -FB3 Vehicle Node Reader (FB3_Vehicle_NodeReader.ms)
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