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A) Vehicle Parts Limit B)operator-specific Entry Points


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Would it be possible to have more parts to a vehicle if you separated the main PCOs into different files, and then attached them in the editor?

For example, let's say you have a tank with 20 wheels. That doesn't leave enough for the turret, machine gun, and missiles (hypothetically speaking). So the PCOs for turret and up are created in a separate model file from the PCO of the main hull, and attached similarly to how the antenna are attached... or like the actual machine guns on top of most of the vanilla BF2 land vehicles.

That brings me to the other question. Is it possible for a player to enter a section of the craft via its own entry point? Ie: Can the tank driver enter through the driver hatch only, while the gunner can only enter through the top gunner hatch?

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Question A: Yes, thats perfectly possible. Afaik, the only limit is that the first PCO (driver seat) has to be part of the main body.

Question B: No chance, m8 even an entry point directly attached to the co-driver puts you in the pilot seat of your PCO. Its a limit in BF2 which always puts you in the primary position when entering.

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Re: Question B...


Shame on EA/Dice. But then again, that's the way it is in UT2004 as well (so shame on Epic too). Maybe with some tricky hard-core programming could it work in UT2004, but me are dumb artist.

UT2k4 is using ancient tech by now, mods however for it are able to separate it, really it was up to the devs :P

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