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Bb Mod-bots Using Turrets

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I was just trying to get these bots to use the turrets on the battleships but they will not move these at all..I did see that the sites for these weapons are using your driving controls now instead of using the mouse controls..when I first installed the mod I had to set all my controls back to default setting to make these guns turn...In the read me file it said this for moving the controls...

-Turret Controls:

When in a turret, you will control the bearing, elevation, and firing of each of the guns in the turret. Some capital ship guns will require long reload times, and will begin loading only upon you taking command of the turret. Bear this in mind when you jump in.

Turret controls are modified in the "Turret" section of control settings. With defaults, this means:

-'a' and 'd' control the turret's bearing (rotation)

-'w' and 's' control gun elevation (up and down)

-LMB fires the left gun

-RMB fires the right gun (if present)

Also note that by pressing 'f' or scrolling your mouse's scroll wheel, options for types of shot will appear. Most guns allow selection of HE (High Explosive) or APC (Armor Piercing Capped) projectiles, though the 4 inch guns include a Flak (Anti-Aircraft) projectile instead of an APC round. When switching rounds, one must wait for the new round to be loaded before it can be fired

this is the first time that I had to use the moving keys to aim a weapon and I was wondering if it is also affecting the way the bots is using the aiming site knowing that the setting where changed...the bot must be thinking he is driving this?????

I can get the bots in the ships and in the guns and which they will straight shot at anything but they will not turn these turrets for nothing...

what files do I need to change to put the sites back to using the mouse to aim with????

I put this in the wrong place should be in bf2...

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