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Nvg's - Is There A Way To Have Them So They Are Not Battery Dependent?

Dr Rank

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Hey lads!

I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to have the NVG's set so they are not battery dependent? I've tried messing around with the nightvision.con file and found that when I set the Renderer.setNightVisionMaxPower beyond somewhere around the 360 mark it starts to glitch in game (i.e. battery bar jumps around, you think its charged when its not and vica versa) I've put the recharge at Renderer.setNightVisionRegenRPS 200.0, so it doesn't take as long for the batteries to recharge but again, much longer than that and it starts to glitch. Ideally I'd like them to have no timer at all cos without the NVG's you can see, well, nothing! :P Any ideas? Or is it all hardcoded? :(

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-1 :P

Thankyou but I've tried both values at -1 and it just turns off again straight away?

Which bit did you mean to set to -1?

Hmmm, having seen what setting the main nv setting to -1 does combined with your smiley I suspect you were actually 'trying to be funny'. If that wasn't the case np, if was, geez... :blink:

Anyone else have any ideas?

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Rgr, cheers mate! yeah, trouble is you put those values up too high and the damn thing glitches :angry: However, I've just worked out how to do it! :P Basically give the normal.con the same content as your nightvision.con, play around with the Renderer.tvGranularity (I put mine onto 3) and bingo! Permenent NVG's! B)

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