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The Customs Maps DB is now online and is currently accepting submissions at http://bfeditor.org/index.php?sec=maps .

We please ask creators of maps for Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 to submit their maps to the site.

You must login to the main site using your forum username and password and then click the Submit A Map on the left navigation.

Please fill out all areas of the map submission form correctly. For the download link please upload to one of the following websites;



And then put the link to the file in the correct field. The download link system is only temporary and will be replaced with a upload system in the near future.

Please do not submit maps you do not have permissions to do so. If you are running a BF2142 server with a custom map and want to give players the ability to download these maps, please encourage the map author to upload their map with the correct map name.

Upcoming features:

-Mutli-language support (we are in need of translators)

-Ability to upload your maps

-Better file view and navigation

Also to anyone who is unaware, the customs map db is linked to directly from Battlefield 2142 since Patch 1.25, any custom map you do not have will be linked to on the custom maps db.

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