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Bf2 Console Messed Up

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Hey check this out.


My console text is really screwed up. Its like a really small font and I dont know how that happened. I think the first time I noticed that was when I installed Fraps. I dont know how to change it back to regular text.

And about the rcon_invoke. everytime I type it in. I get an error

again, my text is screwed up but it looks like its saying "no closing"

is it refering to the parenthesis, or my quotation marks.? I typed it a couple times and i get that error.

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turn of antialiasing from your video control panel (not the one ingame) might help. Also, if details are the problem, dont post pics in JPEg but rather PNG, your jpg is WAY to lossy ;)

Might also be the resolution of bf2, the higher it gets, the smaller the text.

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