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Hello! I Have A Few Questions, Please!


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I'm just coding.

I need to know the location of the file and what part of that file to change for these questions without using bf2editor. Just changing the .tweak file or whatever.

But PLEASE! If you don't know some of the questions, please try to answer the ones you know, it's extremly appreciated!

1. How do I change the distance for the knife? (example: Knifing someone from... let's say 30 feet away from you)

2. How do I change the waiting time for the commander to make another artillery, supply crate, car, etc?

3. How do I change the speed of vehicles? The .tweak of the vehicle files?

4. How do I change the accuracy on a weapon?

5. How come when I try to change a sound file, it crashes? (example: change Die_01.wav to a custom Die_01.wav, then it crashes while loading game).

6. How can I stop a sniper rifle from auto-reloading every shot? (example: I'm trying to make a sniper on full-auto)

7. When I try to change the speed of the rounds per minuet on a weapon(faster), how come I still hear the sound effect every 1 second?

8. Is there any "free mods" or "example mods" I can download to start off with? Even though I already started but just wondering...

Any answer is so much appreciated! Thank you! :D

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Well - you have already picked the appropriate file for most of these questions, the .tweak for a given object. Finding the exact location of each file is a fun exercise but not too difficult if you take the time to study the mod directory. When working on this stuff, realize that opening/editing the BF2 files can make it impossible to play Multiplayer without reinstalling / patching the entire game again so I suggest you copy all the game files to another hard drive and study those instead. You can also make your own mod with BF2 as a parent mod so you can access and tweak the tweaks ... best to do that step with the Editor though. Anyways, the locations of the stuff you are looking for is either in objects/vehicles or objects/weapons/handheld.

The knife attack is handled thru a projectile like any other weapon, so the best way to increase the distance is to make the projectile last longer. Look down thru the code until you find the generic projectile section and increase the TimeToLive value. Speeds on vehicles is a bit tricky to explain because there are several factors involved. For example, you could increase the max speed directly or maybe give the engine more torque. Welcome to the fun of modding. One benefit of messing with that crap in the Editor is that you can jump in and drive around to see the results immediately, but thats on you cuz I know a lot of guys prefer to simply mess with this stuff in Notepad.

The accuracy of a weapon is based on a system of deviation modifiers. Accuracy depends upon the weapon, the number of shots fired consecutively / recoil and your player position. For a concise explanation of how they work, check here: http://wiki.bf2s.com/weapons/comparison. If you want to speed up the shots, you ought to shorten the sound file to match - and I'll guess that the reason it crashes is either because you didnt save the file in the correct format or didnt pack it back in your archives appropriately. I believe theres a tweak line for the reloading bit too - Im certain for fixed mount weapons like the TOW, but not so sure on hand weapons as this is a player setting in your options.

Honestly though, the best way to learn this stuff is to study the DICE coding carefully and have fun changing a few values here and there to see what happens. If you can find the Modders Info Pack, theres an Excel file in there somewhere that lists out what each tweak line is for... rather helpful if the description isnt clear enough.

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Apparently BF2S is down and out for the count. But, I did find that same page cached on Google. We should really get this info stored elsewhere before its gone gone. Anyways, kasta read this to see how BF2 accuracy is calculated:

BF2 Weapon Accuracy Calculation

Then look in your weapon's .tweak file under Default Deviation Component and some of those values will make more sense. (Or not)

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thanx man, i just have 1 more question ...

whre are exactly are thouse files with weapon description is locatad ?

because i found some folder that calls Weapons (inside objects folder) and it have all of the weapons listed but when you click on a specific weapon they just have a picture of it , no info or text files, just pictures

thanks man

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