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Damagestate Sounds


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ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_air_j10_AmbientDamaged
ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Cameron"
ObjectTemplate.lowSamples 2147483647
ObjectTemplate.mediumSamples 2147483647
ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/effects/sounds/damagestates/fire_alarm.ogg"
ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0
ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 0
ObjectTemplate.stopType 0
ObjectTemplate.volume 0.8
ObjectTemplate.pitch 1
ObjectTemplate.pan 0.5
ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 1

Yes, I want to add something similar to the soldier so that when the healt is decreasing or at the critical damage point that he starts panting like when you run. I've tweaked the armor comp so that when the health reaches 50 it decreases by 10 (bleedout). So I just wanted to know if I can add this somehow?

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