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Poe2 Extended Tools For 3Dmax 6-8 And 9

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hmm worth a shot, im going to install the 32bit version tomorrow and see if it works.:

edit: Thanks a lot man, that fixed it

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You must have misunderstood something :P . The *.con file is created automatically by exporting your mesh into one of the valid BF2 mesh types : StaticMesh, BundledMesh or SkinnedMesh. If the structure ( hierachy ) of your model is valid and the textures assigned correctly you'll get a /meshes folder where your collision and visible mesh is located and a *.con file with the export.

If all you get is an empty /meshes folder your object hierachy or material assignment is wrong. Look at our tutorials and hierachy help to find out what went wrong.



Staticobject creation:





vehicle creation:


That should hold you for a while :P

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No, you can import them, but the model will be missing channel info, and normally problems with model. This tool is for exporting your model to .bundlemesh or .staticmesh, aswell as other things ;)

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HI all! And happy new year!
So Bfvietnam is now abandonware but the characters are very good and ICONIC 

 i want to port the BFV characters into BF2.for a vietnam mod with all the jungle vegitation on Myanmar map

I saw the japanese soldiers are already ported on ww2 mods

is possible through POE tools for 3ds max 9 /10?

are the models so differents for the skeleton bfv  bf2?

is possible to adapt the backpack in BFV on bf2 kits?

sorry for my awful english

thanks in advance guys

Edited by Zukov

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